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Atresia of acoustical pass


The term an atresia designate lack of the acoustical channel. At patients who have no acoustical channel usually have also an underdevelopment  of a middle and inner ear.

Symptoms of an atresia of acoustical pass:

The incomplete atresia of outside acoustical pass is not shown by any subjective signs, however at obstruction of a narrow opening the hearing disorder as sound carrying out arises waste products of a derma. Full atresias are shown by the expressed relative deafness on one or on both ears.

Атрезия слухового прохода

Atresia of acoustical pass


When determining indications to surgical treatment diagnosis of a form of an atresia is important for what it is necessary to exclude a bone form of this disturbance of development. In modern conditions the most effective diagnostic method is the computer tomography with removal of structures of outside acoustical pass and a tympanic membrane.

Treatment of an atresia of acoustical pass:

The purpose of treatment of an atresia of acoustical pass — recovery of a gleam of outside acoustical pass (outside acoustical pass) for ensuring sound carrying out and normalization of acoustical function. Treatment of an atresia of acoustical pass consists in surgical plastics of outside acoustical pass.

In the presence of webby atresias make zaushny approach scrappy plastics of outside acoustical pass with excision of hypodermic fabrics and formation of the channel of outside acoustical pass.

In the postoperative period in newly created outside acoustical pass insert a tube the dilator from areactive synthetic material which is taken only for several minutes during a toilet of outside acoustical pass. Again created outside acoustical pass possesses the expressed tendency to scarring and a stenozirovaniye at the expense of the remained connecting fabric therefore the dilator in outside acoustical pass is kept month and more is long ().

At bone surgical treatment is shown to an atresia of acoustical pass only in the presence of normal structures of a tympanic membrane and inner ear (integrity of a chain of acoustical stones, normal development of a snail and bodies of a threshold), at the same time there have to be also normal indicators of hearing at fabric sound carrying out. Otherwise surgical treatment is deprived of sense.

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