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Exostoses of outside acoustical pass


Exostoses represent the bone educations which developed on walls of outside acoustical pass.

Symptoms of exostoses of outside acoustical pass:

Distinguish the exostoses on a leg which more often are coming from the area of an outside ring of bone department of outside acoustical pass, and flat, having the wide basis and located on one or several walls of acoustical pass. The size of exostoses can be various - from a pin head up to such size that they completely carry out all gleam of acoustical pass. These educations happen multiple and to extend to annulus tympanicus. Small exostoses do not cause any subjective feelings and can be found at an otoskopiya accidentally. Exostoses of big size almost completely obturirut acoustical pass; the remained narrow gleam can be closed even by a small amount of sulfur or epidermis. Then there is a relative deafness, noise and feeling of completeness in an ear, sometimes a headache.

The diagnosis is established at an otoskopiya and careful palpation of the found education in outside acoustical pass by the ear probe.

Экзостозы наружного слухового прохода

Exostoses of outside acoustical pass

Treatment of exostoses of outside acoustical pass:

Treatment is surgical, however the issue of expediency of intervention is resolved individually, taking into account size and a type of an exostosis. Sometimes the found exostosis does not increase many years in sizes and does not cause to the patient of any subjective feelings.

The exostosis on a leg is removed endauralno. The infiltration anesthesia of Sol is carried out. Novocaini of 1% in the field of its basis and then is cut with a chisel of the corresponding width an exostosis leg.

Widespread flat exostoses delete, operating more often under anesthetic through a zaushny section. The gleam of outside acoustical pass in bone department is expanded preferential at the expense of a back wall, using borons and being guided by a drum ring. Removal of the exostoses located near annulus tympanicus is accompanied by danger of damage of structures of a middle ear. For the prevention of cicatricial narrowing of acoustical pass and preservation of its gleam during the postoperative period sometimes use dilatators tubules from bioinert materials.

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