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Sudden deafness


Sudden deafness - is quickly developing (from several hours to several days) decrease in hearing. Usually process of sudden deafness has unilateral character. The peak of incidence falls on 30 and 60 years.

Symptoms of Sudden deafness:

Diagnosis depends on hearing loss degree,
from association with other symptoms (dizziness, a sonitus). Timely diagnosis and treatments is extremely important
sudden deafness:

    * survey of ENT organs,
    * audiometriya (hearing research) each 3 days,
    * tympanometry,
    * inspection by means of tuning forks,
    * a blood analysis for the purpose of identification of inflammatory changes,
    * blood biochemistry (blood sugar definition, cholesterol level, etc.),
    * a serological blood analysis on an infection (a cytomegalovirus, measles, a rubella, parotitis, herpes).

Reasons of Sudden deafness:

Origins of sudden deafness: infectious (complication of acute average otitis, herpes infection), vascular disorders (vasospasm, microblood clots); ototoksichesky (side effect of antibiotics of an aminoglikozidny row, acetylsalicylic acid); high-quality new growths (neurinoma); гидропс (supertension in a labyrinth); associated diseases (idiopathic hypertensia, diabetes mellitus, etc.).

Treatment of Sudden deafness:

    *  antiinflammatory therapy,
    * elimination of vascular defeats improvement of rheological properties of blood,
    * antiedematous therapy,
    * treatment of associated diseases of ENT organs.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Sudden deafness:

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