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Deficit of B12 vitamin


The disturbances in an organism caused because of a lack of vitamin B 12.

Symptoms of Deficit of B12 vitamin:

B12 hypovitaminosis can arise at long vegetarian or vegansky (full vegetarianism) food in connection with religious and social circumstances. Relative alimentary insufficiency of vitamin can arise at pregnancy, an alcoholism. This state is characterized by increased fatigue, headaches, dizziness when walking, an asthma at an exercise stress, a loss of appetite, pallor with a subtle icteric shade of integuments, feeling of numbness and crawling of goosebumps on a body.

However more often a hypovitaminosis of B12 is connected with atrophic gastritis and enteritis. The lack of education of a stomach of a specific glycoprotein (an internal factor of Kastl) which for full absorption of vitamin B a small intestine forms a strong complex with B12 vitamin leads to development of a serious illness - megaloblastichesky (malignant) anemia, anemia Addison-Birmera. It is followed by oppression of a red sprout of a blood formation, emergence in marrow and peripheral blood of unripe erythrocytes with the excess content in them of hemoglobin increased by their hemolysis, and also a leukopenia and thrombocytopenia. Inflammatory and dystrophic changes of a mucous membrane of a mouth, stomach and small intestine are followed by an achlorhydria, change of a surface of language, tendency to a diarrhea, to food intolerantnost. From a nervous system, in hard cases, signs of a funicular myelosis - disturbance of sensitivity of skin, paresthesia, change of functions of a bladder, intestines, disorder of gait and so forth appear.

Reasons of Deficit of B12 vitamin:

The term "B12 vitamin" is collective. Cobalamines (B12 vitamin) are a group related cobalt - the containing korrinoid with activity of cyanocobalamin which are carrying out the major role in reactions of transmethylation (C1 transfer). From natural sources the B12 vitamin derivatives containing IT - group, (Oxycobalaminum), chlorine (chlorcobalamine), H20 (аквакобаламин) and nitrous acid (нитритокобаламин), and also B12 analogs which instead of 5,6-dimetilbenzi-midazola contained 5 oxybenzimidazole, or adenine, 2 methyladenine, hypoxanthine and methylhypoxanthine were allocated. All of them had smaller activity, than cobalamine. An industrial form of vitamin - cyanocobalamin. Cobalt can show variable valencies: the trivalent So3+ (as a part of Oxycobalaminum) which is recovered at first in bivalent cobalt as a part of B12R(Co2+) and then in monovalent B12R(Co+). These transformations service flavin reductases - electron donors.

Treatment of Deficit of B12 vitamin:

Replacement therapy is applied.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Deficit of B12 vitamin:

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