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Accommodation spasm


The accommodation spasm (false short-sightedness) is suddenly arising and reversible disturbance the sight which is expressed in inability accurately to see objects on removal as a result of misoperation of a tsiliarny muscle of an eye.

Most often the spasm of accommodation develops at school students and students by the end of school day. Sight afar becomes vague, letters in the book indistinct. The person loses ability to see accurately afar. At further work at a short distance the fatigue quickly develops, the headache develops. The vision disorder at a spasm of accommodation can reach 1-3 dioptries.

The spasm of accommodation can last of several hours before half a year. At timely treatment at the oculist this state passes completely. However without medical care the spasm of accommodation can pass into true short-sightedness over time.

Зависимость аккомодации от возраста

Dependence of accommodation on age

Accommodation Spasm symptoms:

    * Decrease in visual acuity at a look afar;
    * bystry exhaustion during the visual work at a short distance;
    * eye pains, in a forehead and temples.

Accommodation Spasm reasons:

The factors leading to development of a spasm of accommodation:

    * bad illumination of a workplace,
    * wrong work-rest schedule,
    * reading at a short distance,

    * long viewing of the TV and work behind the monitor,
    * general overfatigue of an organism and eye, easing of health.

Treatment of the Spasm of accommodation:

At identification of a spasm of accommodation for establishment of its possible reasons of the patient direct to consultation to the pediatrician or the therapist (depending on age), to the ENT specialist, the neuropathologist, find out the mode of study or work and a day regimen. At identification of one of the reasons which led to an accommodation spasm, its elimination is a part of complex treatment. At the same time the doctor-oculist carries out treatment of a spasm of accommodation. The complex of recreational and hygienic actions enters a basis of treatment of spasms of accommodation (false short-sightedness).

Surgical ways of treatment of a spasm of accommodation do not exist. Very often ophthalmologists for a spasmolysis appoint the eye drops expanding a badge (atropine or its analogs). These drops have weakening effect on a tsiliarny muscle. Really, after the course of drops (lasting usually 7–10 days), the accommodation spasm completely passes. The positive effect of improvement of visual acuity is so reached. But as far as this effect is long-term? Observations of ophthalmologists are unfavourable: after a while after a course of drops deterioration in sharpness sight progresses even quicker. It occurs because forced relaxation of a muscle does not train her, and on the contrary weakens.

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