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Bursitis of an elbow joint

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To understand what is a bursitis in general, and a bursitis of an elbow joint in particular, we should be distracted for one minute by a short course of anthropotomy. Around muscles and joints (that is where constantly there is a movement) there are so-called synovial bags (bursa in Latin). Normal they carry out the same role, as lubricants in operation of mechanical devices. For the account which is contained in a small amount of liquid in a cavity of a synovial bag, friction of fabrics at the movement in a joint it is minimum and does not render the injuring effect on surrounding fabrics.

About an elbow joint three bags — lucheplechevy, interosseous elbow and elbow hypodermic are located. They contain a liquid quantity, and functioning of a joint happens without serious consequences and imperceptibly for all of us. However, in a row a case the inflammation develops in cavities of a synovial bag, the amount of liquid grows, its character changes, the painful symptom joins. In this case we will also speak about a bursitis of an elbow joint.

Symptoms of the Bursitis of an elbow joint:

The elbow bag is, perhaps, one of favourite places for a bursitis. Therefore the bursitis of an elbow joint meets more often than other forms. How the disease, what symptoms of a bursitis of an elbow joint proceeds? In the field of the inflamed bag (we do not forget that around an elbow joint their three, and, so are possible localization options) local consolidation and increase in fabrics in volume appears. We through skin do not see that synovial bag inflamed, but we can suspect it on a number of characteristic signs.

The swelling consistence soft, the size can reach  7 — 10 centimeters. At a palpation fluctuation in a defeat zone is defined. Naturally, there is a pain syndrome and symptoms of the general intoxication, including an indisposition and fervescence.

Important difference of a bursitis from arthritis of an elbow joint — function of the last because of pain is a little broken, but the volume of movements is not limited at all as it happens at arthritis.

If the bursitis gains purulent character, and the inflammation begins to extend to the next fabrics (a phlegmonous inflammation), the health of the patient worsens many times, body temperature increases to forty degrees. In this case hospitalization can be necessary.

Внешний вид локтевого сустава при бурсите

Outward of an elbow joint at a bursitis

Reasons of the Bursitis of an elbow joint:

Very often the injuring influence is the reason of a bursitis. Especially it is urgent for athletes therefore a bursitis is considered to be occupational diseases somewhat. For example, for tennis players localization of process in a lucheplechevy bag is inherent (between a sinew of a biceps and a beam bone).

After an injury, as a rule, there is an infection of a cavity with pathogenic agents. It can be banal staphylococcus or a streptococcus (in this case we speak about a nonspecific bursitis), or more exclusive activators — tuberculosis, syphilis, a burtsell, гонококк. In this case it is about a specific bursitis. It is important for the choice of tactics of treatment.

Character of exudate (liquid) in a cavity of a synovial bag can be various too: serous (the most harmless option), hemorrhagic (there is blood) and even purulent. At last, on process duration we can divide a bursitis on acute, recurrent and chronic.

Treatment of the Bursitis of an elbow joint:

At the acute course of process it is possible to be limited to the following measures: apply a pressure retentive bandage a joint to prevent the further injuring impact on a bag. Prescribe the patient antiinflammatory drugs and antibiotics to which the bursitis activator is sensitive. It is worth paying attention that when the specific bursitis of an elbow joint takes place, treatment by antibiotics will be specific too, and depends on a type of the activator. In case of resistance to the carried-out therapy it is possible to include corticosteroids which are entered directly into a bag cavity in a course of treatment.

The purulent bursitis of an elbow joint demands more serious approach to treatment. The patient goes to the surgeon, that carries out a bag puncture, washes out it and enters antibiotics and corticosteroids directly into the inflammation center. Further treatment is continued with respect for all principles of purulent surgery, in case of severe forms it can be carried out in the conditions of a hospital.

The chronic bursitis of an elbow joint also demands an operative measure as at this form of a disease conditions for a frequent recurrence of an inflammation are created.

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