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Acute cystitis


Acute cystitis is a pyoinflammatory process mucous a bladder. It at least once in life is transferred by every 3rd woman generally to 20 — 40 years. Frequent, small portions, painful, with feeling of gripes and burning of an urination, discomfort or pain in the bottom of a stomach, possible temperature increase to 37 — 37,5 ° - these symptoms, as a rule, remain within 6 — 7 days.

Symptoms of Acute cystitis:

Symptoms of a disease of acute cystitis are the accruing gripes during an urination, temperature increase, pains in the bottom of a stomach. Intolerable frequent desires to urinate are followed by very small release of liquid. Urine muddy with impurity of blood or pus. The general state is characterized by a sharp attack of weakness.

In the course of diagnosis it is necessary to differentiate an acute state from clinical symptoms of display of other diseases of urinogenital system: prostatitis, stricture of an urethra, urolithiasis. The diagnosing corresponding to acute cystitis consists in holding necessary actions:
survey by the doctor-urologist with carrying out a palpating of suprapubic area, collecting symptomatic data on a disease.
laboratory analyses of urine (the general, across Nechiporenko, on a bacteriuria) and blood (clinical, biochemical).
ultrasound examination of a bladder and bodies of a small pelvis.

Reasons of Acute cystitis:

The reasons there can be a set: from banal overcooling to cystitis of newly married. A bladder inflammation after the beginning of sex life — the phenomenon very widespread.
During sexual intercourse conditions for transfer of bacteria in an urethra are created. The most often acute cystitis is caused by colibacillus. Bacteria are attached to mucous a bladder, actively breed and cause an inflammation. And if a disease it is wrong to start or treat, acute cystitis passes in chronic with which to cope much more difficultly.

Treatment of Acute cystitis:

Treatment at chronic cystitis consists in acute management in the form of purpose of antispasmodics, warmly on a stomach bottom, antibacterial therapy of a broad spectrum of activity. Further according to indications and removal of an acute stage the physical therapy, and also the scheme of treatment is applied by the antibiotics and drugs creating stability of immunity.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Acute cystitis:

  • Препарат Префикс.


    Beta лактамные antibiotics.

    JSC Nobel Almatinskaya Pharmatsevticheskaya Fabrika Republic of Kazakhstan

  • Препарат Цистивит.


    The other means applied to treatment of urological diseases.

    Minskinterkaps Unitary Enterprise Republic of Belarus

  • Препарат Фурамаг.


    Antimicrobic and antiprotozoan means nitrofuran

    JSC OlainFarm (JSC Olaynfarm) Latvia

  • Препарат Фурагин-Актифур.


    Antimicrobic means, nitrofuran.


  • Препарат Монурал®.



    Zambon S.P.A. (Zambon S.P.A.) Italy

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