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Bleeding of gums


Bleeding of gums usually is a signal of their disease. Generally is a sign of an inflammation of gums – an ulitis. If not to treat an ulitis, it can pass into more serious state which is called a periodontal disease. Paradontit - it is defeat of the fabrics surrounding tooth (a so-called paradont) with an infection that leads to their destruction and in of course result – to loss of tooth.

Most of people at least once had a disease of gums to lives. It is result of a modern diet, carbohydrate-rich. This food promotes growth of bacteria on teeth, to formation of a dental plaque which turns further into a dental calculus.

Daily regular toothbrushing, reduction of consumption of carbohydrates with food and regular visit of the stomatologist can help to prevent diseases of gums.

Symptoms of Bleeding of gums:

Gingivas represent dense connecting fabric which is attached to a mandible bone. Healthy gingivas have thickness about 1 mm and good blood supply. The first sign of their defeat are a reddening and puffiness, and further and bleeding when toothbrushing.

Tooth keeps in the hole by means of special sheaves – so-called periodontal sheaves. In process of progressing of a disease of gums these sheaves collapse and межуд tooth and a gum form a pocket. In later stages it can lead to loss of tooth, and also formation of gingival abscesses.

Reasons of Bleeding of gums:

Usually the ulitis is the reason of bleeding of gums. The ulitis is caused by existence on tooth of a plaque which is formed by bacteria. This plaque irritates tissue of a gum and causes its inflammation. As it is already told, this plaque is formed after the use sweet, that is containing carbohydrates) food.

Prevention of an ulitis usually consists in respect for hygiene of an oral cavity. Regular toothbrushing by a brush and a dental floss helps to remove with from the surface of teeth.

Usually bleeding of gums is observed at pregnancy. It is connected with the fact that this state is followed by hormonal reorganization. As a result tissue of a gum becomes soft, connecting fabric it weakens.

Some people are more often subject to bleeding of gums. As the factors promoting it serve smoking, a stress and an unbalanced diet. Besides, bleeding of gums many diseases cause, for example, a diabetes mellitus, and also use of some drugs.

Bleeding of gums can be also caused also by other states, for example, deficit of vitamin C, leukemia, hemophilia and other rare reasons.

Treatment of Bleeding of gums:

If in time not to stop an ulitis, then afterwards it can develop into more serious disease a periodontal disease that as a result will lead to shaking and even loss of teeth if in time not to take a measure.

Regular toothbrushing and normalization of a diet partially removes risk of an inflammation and bleeding of gums, however does not exclude these phenomena absolutely.

Therefore to avoid bleeding of gums, it is regularly necessary to visit the dentist for prevention and for treatment of a disease at an early stage.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Bleeding of gums:

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