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The ulitis is pathology which is shown by an inflammation of gums, it is characterized as a disease of a parodont. Periodontosis is characterized by destruction of gums, tooth fabric, a tooth sheaf which create structure which holds teeth on site. The ulitis is one of the first stages of serious diseases of a parodont.

Ulitis reasons:

It is long the existing plaque on teeth it is capable to cause an inflammation of gums. The dental plaque is localized on open sites of tooth, and in fact consists of the remains of food, bacteria and slime. The plaque, unextracted after cleaning, is localized along the line of gums where the dental calculus usually develops. In these parts the gingiva inflames. The plaque does teeth yellow, brown, it tends to increase. The ulitis can turn out to be consequence of an injury or injury of a gum which quite often arise after too careful toothbrushing tooth.
The ulitis usually begins during puberty or at the beginning of adulthood, and most of people during life has ulitis episodes. Risk factors of an ulitis are included by chronic diseases of an oral cavity, pregnancy, an uncontrollable diabetes mellitus, insufficient hygiene of an oral cavity, contraceptive tablets, Phenytoinum, the use of heavy metals and malocclusion. Malocclusion complicates performance of sufficient volume of toothbrushing.

Ulitis symptoms:

Symptoms of an ulitis include the swelled-up gingivas, ulcers in oral cavities, bright red or violet color of a gingiva, bleeding of gums. Often the first signs of an ulitis have no symptoms, except for visual symptoms.
Existence of an ulitis can reveal consultations of the stomatologist. The stomatologist can find presence of puffiness or a hyperemia of a gingiva which signals about existence of an ulitis. In most cases an ulitis additional researches are not required. Nevertheless, in moderate and hard cases of an ulitis the X-ray analysis, and also dental sounding for definition of extent of involvement of bones and other complications of an ulitis can be used.
Complications of an ulitis can include a periodontal disease, a recurrence of an ulitis, an infection or abscess of a gingiva and jawbones.

Гингивит - воспаление десны.

Ulitis - a gingiva inflammation.

Treatment of the Ulitis:

Treatment of an ulitis always begins with professional toothbrushing. After professional cleaning care of an oral cavity in house conditions for the purpose of prevention of a recurrence of an ulitis becomes very important. Correction of malocclusion is often necessary to keep teeth. The ulitis can lead to loss of tooth and their excessive shaking finally. Also rinsings with antibacterial conditioners, infusions of antiinflammatory herbs are recommended. If the inflammation extended to structures which hold teeth on site, partial or full ranges of orthodontic devices can be recommended.

The best way to prevent an ulitis regularly to visit the stomatologist and to control a condition of an oral cavity. Careful toothbrushing and use of antibacterial liquid it is necessary for rinsing of a mouth to prevent emergence of an ulitis or its recurrence.

If at an ulitis there were expressed damages of teeth, prosthetics is recommended, it is necessary to execute reconstruction of dentition as soon as possible. Very seldom meets that the infection at an ulitis gets to a blood stream and causes sepsis.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Ulitis:

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