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Pharmacological action


The apilak is a biogenic stimulator, drug with fortifying action. The main substance of this drug is the apilak which represents lyophilized (dried up under vacuum at a low temperature) the uterine milk developed by glands of working bees. The apilak renders tonic, anti-spastic (removes spasms) and trophic actions (influences assimilation by fabrics of nutrients). Drug has positive influence on regenerative processes and cellular metabolism, and also improves a trophicity of fabrics.

The apilak represents a peculiar complex of biologically active agents which includes vitamins (With, B12, B8, B6, B5, B2, B1, N, inositol, folic acid), mineral elements (potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron), 23 amino acids including such irreplaceable as valine, tryptophane, a histidine, methionine, and also other biologically active agents.

Indications to use the Apilak

According to the instruction, the Apilak should be accepted in the following cases:

  • to children of chest and early age at frustration of food (hypotrophy) and lack of appetite (anorexia);
  • the lowered arterial pressure (hypotonia);
  • disturbance of food at the recovering patients;
  • seborrhea, intertrigo, neurodermatitis;
  • neurotic frustration.

Use of the Apilak for a lactation is caused by high content in it biologically active agents useful to the nursing mother and her child. The apilak for a lactation allows to recover the woman's organism after the delivery, to improve immunity, to cope with chronic fatigue and a puerperal depression. According to some responses the Apilak for a lactation can act as the stimulating drug.

Reviews of the Apilak confirm efficiency of use of drug at the listed diseases and states.

Application instruction Apilak

The apilak is issued in the form of powder, ointment, tablets and candles. To children this drug is appointed in the form of candles which need to be applied within one-two weeks. Depending on amount of active agent in suppository ½ or 1 candle (2,5 mg-5 of mg) three times a day is appointed.

To children drug can be more senior than two years is appointed in the form of tablets – on 1 piece twice a day.

Апилак мазь

Reception of the tablets Apilak within 10-15 days is recommended to adults. The single dose makes 10 mg (1 tab.) which it is necessary to accept three times a day. Tablets need to be put under language, they should not be accepted inside as the gastric juice decomposes a uterine milk.

Ointment the Apilak is applied by a thin layer (2-10g) on the damaged surface, such procedure needs to be done one or twice a day. The course of treatment can last from one week to two months.


In the instruction to the Apilak it is specified that use of drug at Addison's disease (disturbance of functions of adrenal glands) is inadmissible, and also at hereditary hypersensitivity to the Apilak or other products of beekeeping.

Side effects

In spite of the fact that in reviews of the Apilak there is no information on negative effects of use of this drug, clinical trials showed that at hypersensitivity sleep disorders, skin allergic reactions, increase in pulse, dryness in a mouth are possible.

Additional information

The apilak should be stored in cool (no more than 80C) and the dark place. The period of validity of drug makes two years.

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