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Procedures, etc.

Allergy diagnostic tests

General diseases

Diagnostic methods of allergic diseases and diseases with an allergic component in a pathogeny.



Radiological diagnostic method of pathology of a fruit.



The diagnostic method of a condition of a fruit and amniotic waters which is carried out on deadlines for pregnancy (since the 37th week).



Puncture of an amniotic cover for the purpose of receiving amniotic waters.

Amputating extremity stump

Musculoskeletal system diseases

The part of an extremity or its segment which remained after amputation.


Diseases of cardiovascular system

The X-ray inspection of blood vessels made by means of special radiopaque substances.


Diseases of cardiovascular system

Method of X-ray inspection of vessels of heart.

Angioplasty of carotid arteries

Diseases of cardiovascular system

The operation on carotid arteries performed in case of considerable narrowing and obstruction of carotid arteries.

Anesthesia in stomatology

Dental diseases

Blockade of carrying out afferent, nervous impulses at dental procedures.

Antiseptic processing of skin

Diseases of skin and its appendages

The hygienic procedure which is carried out for the purpose of reduction of quantity of pathogenic microorganisms on skin.


Diseases of cardiovascular system

Method of obtaining the image of an aorta and its branches on the roentgenogram.

Aortocoronary shunting

Diseases of cardiovascular system

Recovery of a blood-groove of heart is lower than the place of narrowing of a vessel.


Musculoskeletal system diseases

The method of a research of joints consisting in artificial contrasting of their cavity with the subsequent X-ray analysis.

Aspiration biopsy of an endometria

Diseases of urinogenital system

Low-invasive surgical intervention by means of which conditions of an inside layer of a uterus give an assessment.

Balloon coronary angioplasty

Diseases of cardiovascular system

Not operational method of treatment of coronary heart disease.


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