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Astrocytoma — the glial tumor of a brain arising from astrocytes. Maybe meets at any age. Is the most widespread tumor among neuroectodermal. The tumor of light pink color, on density practically does not differ from brain substance. It is delimited from brain substance, however there are cases when it is impossible to define astrocytoma borders. In a tumor cysts which grow slowly are often formed, but can significantly reach the big sizes. Generally formation of cysts at an astrocytoma happens at children. At adults the astrocytoma arises most often in hemicerebrums, at children — in cerebellum hemispheres in the form of nodes with cysts. The most characteristic of an astrocytoma is expansive and infiltrative growth.

Astratsitoma's symptoms:

Symptoms of astrocytomas are various, they depend on age and a location of a tumor. The most frequent symptoms of this disease are:

    * headaches;
    * nausea and vomiting;
    * loss of balance and the complicated walking;
    * disturbance of the letter, bradyarthria;
    * slackness, drowsiness;
    * decrease or increase in weight.

Astratsitoma's reasons:

The exact reason of development of astrocytomas of a brain is unknown. Some possible origins of tumors of a brain include:

    * Genetic predisposition to development of oncological diseases;
    * Adverse environmental factors;
    * Some professions;
    * Viruses of high degree of oncogenicity.

Astratsitoma's treatment:

Basis of treatment of astrocytomas is surgical intervention. At operation the tumor can be removed, especially if it is located in functionally less significant zones (for example, in the right temporal share). The important method allowing to localize a tumor is the brain puncture. This method allows to determine density of fabric and to find possible cysts in a tumor. After operation carry out chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for Astratsitoma's treatment:

  • Препарат Темобел.


    Antineoplastic means of the alkylating action.

    RUP of Belmedpreparata Republic of Belarus

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