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Eaton's syndrome — Lambert


Eaton-Lambert's syndrome - a myasthenic syndrome - the rare neuromuscular disease which is characterized by disturbance of neuromuscular transmission and shown weakness and  bystry fatigue of muscles.

Symptoms of the Syndrome of Eaton — Lambert:

Gradually weakness and increased fatigue of muscles of a shoulder and pelvic girdle, a neck and trunk develop. Damage of eye muscles and muscles meets a century considerably less than at a myasthenia, and practically it is never observed at an early stage of a disease. While a characteristic sign of a myasthenia strengthening of muscular weakness against the background of a physical activity is considered, at Eaton's syndrome — Lambert several first any muscular contractions cause objective, though small increase in an animal force.

Tendon jerks are often lowered or are absent that causes the assumption of polyneuropathy. Such symptoms as paresthesias, painful unpleasant feelings, vegetative disturbances in the form of dryness in a mouth, locks, dysfunction of a bladder and impotence are possible.

The reasons of the Syndrome of Eaton — Lambert:

Eaton-Lambert's syndrome arises at malignant new growths or at  autoimmune diseases.

Treatment of the Syndrome of Eaton — Lambert:

Treatment can be directed also to fight against a basic disease, and to increase in release  of acetylcholine from presynaptic nerves. In the latter case appoint drugs which extend depolarization of these terminations and by that increase an entrance  of calcium ions to them.  Guanidine and  3,4 diaminopyridine, effective belong to such drugs both at paraneoplastic, and at an autoimmune syndrome of Eaton-Lambert.

Carry out also a plasma exchange and immunosuppressive therapy.

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