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Scleroma - a chronic infectious disease of upper respiratory tracts. It is characterized by a slow progressive current.

Scleroma reasons:

The activator - Frisch's stick - Volkovich. Ways and ways of infection are not established. The local centers are in many countries of the world, in the CIS are in the Western Ukraine and Belarus.

Гистологическое исследование при склероме

Histologic research at a scleroma

Scleroma symptoms:

The disease is characterized by the slow current progressing for many years. In initial stages dense infiltrates in the form of flat or hilly eminences which, as a rule, do not ulcerate, located preferential in places of physiological narrowings are formed: in anticipation of a nose, a postnaris, a nasopharynx, subdepository space of a throat, at bifurcation of a trachea, at branchings of bronchial tubes. In later stage infiltrates cicatrize, causing thereby narrowing of a gleam of respiratory tracts and disorder of breath.

Usually the scleroma takes at the same time several pieces of respiratory tracts. Less often process is localized in one site.

Nose scleroma (rhinoscleroma)

Complaints of the patient come down mainly to feeling of dryness and a congestion of a nose. Due to the mucosal atrophy the scanty viscous discharge with formation of crusts, sometimes the luscious smell reminding a smell of the decaying fruit is observed. At a rinoskopiya in the field of an entrance to a nose hilly infiltrates are visible. If they are located in the field of a vestibule of the nose, then there occurs deformation of an outside nose. Infiltrirovana nose wings, are bulged.

Throat scleroma

Process usually extends from a nasal cavity through a postnaris. Generally soft palate is surprised. Scarring of infiltrates leads to deformation of a soft palate and palatal handles, is more often than back. Deformation can sometimes result in almost full dissociation of a nasopharynx and a stomatopharynx. More often these changes are combined with pathology of a nose and the throat characteristic of a scleroma.

Throat scleroma

Infiltrates are symmetrized usually on both sides in the field of subdepository space, is more rare on vestibular folds, voice folds, arytenoid cartilages and an epiglottis; being exposed to scarring, they often cause disturbance of a voice and stenoses of a throat. Skleromny process can extend to a trachea and bronchial tubes, leading eventually to their stenosis.

Склерома (внешний вид больного)

Scleroma (outward of the patient)

Treatment of a scleroma:

The favorable result is received at a streptomitsinoterapiya and a roentgenotherapy. Bougieurage, removal and an alektrokoagulyation of infiltrates belong to surgical methods of treatment.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Scleroma:

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