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Acute respiratory insufficiency


Acute respiratory insufficiency — sharply developed morbid condition at which the expressed deficit of oxygen develops. This state is zhizneugrozhayushchy, and without timely medical care can lead to a lethal outcome.

Symptoms of Acute respiratory insufficiency:

Characteristic clinical sign of acute respiratory insufficiency is development of a tachypnea, the patient complains of shortage of air, suffocation. In process of growth of a hypoxia excitement at the patient is replaced by consciousness oppression, cyanosis develops. The patient to be in forced situation, sitting resting hands against a seat, thus he facilitates work of respiratory muscles. It allows to differentiate this state, from hysterics. During which there are similar complaints and clinic, but unlike acute respiratory insufficiency such states do not threaten life, and do not need immediate medical care.

Reasons of Acute respiratory insufficiency:

Dysfunction of the device of external respiration and the systems regulating it:

    * 1. a pain syndrome with oppression of external respiration (a fracture of edges, a thoracotomy)
    * 2. disturbance of passability of upper respiratory tracts
          o bronchitis and a bronchiolitis with hypersecretion of slime and development of obturatsionny atelectases
          o swelled throats
          o foreign body
          o aspiration
    * 3. insufficiency of functioning of pulmonary fabric
          o massive bronchial pneumonia
          o atelectases
    * 4. disturbance of the central regulation of breath
          o craniocereberal injury
          o electric trauma
          o drug overdose, analeptics
    * 5. insufficient function of respiratory muscles
          o poliomyelitis, tetanus, botulism
          o residual action of muscular relaxants

Secondary ODN.

Defeats which do not enter an anatomic complex of the respiratory device:

    * massive uncompensated blood losses, anemia
    * an acute heart failure with a fluid lungs
    * embolisms and fibrinferments of branches of a pulmonary artery
    * intrapleural and extra pleural prelums of lungs
          o paralytic impassability of intestines
          o pheumothorax
          o hydrothorax

Treatment of Acute respiratory insufficiency:

Treatment of this state depends on the reason which led to its development. At a foreign body, or a laryngospasm, carry out a konikotomiya. At pheumothorax, pressurize a pleural cavity. In case of poisoning with gemichesky poisons, use specific antidotes. At the expressed bronchospasm apply glucocorticosteroids. If you are not confident in the reason of development of this state, it is not necessary to undertake anything before arrival of emergency medical service.

Первая помощь при острой дыхательной недостаточности

First aid at acute respiratory insufficiency

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