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Sea sickness


Sea sickness — кинетоз — feeling of nausea and "motion desease" because of monotonous fluctuations (for the first time people faced this phenomenon at voyages, from where and the name). Seasickness can develop not only on the water transport, but also in the car, the train, besides force of display of a disease depends at most motion deseases, and most often nowadays face a sea sickness when driving in cars.

Sea sickness symptoms:

Sea sickness is found in the beginning the toshnotny movements, dizziness, impossibility to strongly fix sight; further there is repeated vomiting after which there can come the period of full apathy and even disgust for life. In most cases it is not fainted. Dangerous a sea sickness can be only for persons either weak, or having any serious diseases able considerably to worsen under the influence of a circulatory disturbance and gaggings.

Sea sickness reasons:

Sea sickness begins because of the touch conflict when different "sensors" of a human body send contradictory signals to a brain. The similar situation arises in the conditions of a stress so these factors can work together. Perceiving it as a certain pathology, the organism increases production of a free histamine which, first of all, makes sick, then, weakness, dizziness up to total loss of working capacity. Some people are more sensitive, others less, but all can be rocked to sleep in certain conditions.

The susceptibility to a sea sickness considerably is increased by some external factors:

    * Condition of concern or fear,
    * Nature of rolling
    * Work at a mate table, or reading
    * Storm weather and the accompanying stressful factors
    * Fatigue
    * Smell or process of meal

Treatment of the Sea sickness:

    * It is not necessary to drink a lot of liquid in the mornings.
    * In all the time of a travel food which is eaten by the person who is sea-sick has to be easily acquired by an organism.
    * It is necessary to adapt to oscillating motions of the vessel.

As soon as the vessel sticks to the coast or enters the river, a sea sickness usually or absolutely disappears, or is considerably facilitated. In many cases already on the firm earth still quite long time dizzinesses proceed.

    * Also, among seamen reception of suction of matches is widespread. It is necessary to get two matches from a box and, having inserted between teeth, to suck, it facilitates the course of seasickness. Matches should not be inserted sulfuric heads into a mouth, it will strengthen nausea.
    * You look at the horizon. Discrepancy of the arriving signals from a vestibular mechanism and organs of sight is considered the reason of nausea. The brain cannot process correctly different, not coinciding signals. It is necessary to bring them into accord. For this purpose look at the line of the horizon, then eyes will see rocking that corresponds to similar feelings in an inner ear.
    * Touch legs or sitting — you knock legs on a floor from a heel on a sock, etc. These movements will minimize discrepancy of signals from sight and a vestibular mechanism in a brain. Your vestibular mechanism will transmit signals to a brain as though you go on the ground, and sight will give, though not considerable, but signals of the movement (if not to look in one point).

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Sea sickness:

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