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Paralytic syndrome


Paralytic a syndrome - a condition of the total weak-mindedness which is shown euphoria, complacency, sharp decrease in criticism, dismnestichesky disorders, ridiculous nonsense of greatness and wealth, and also leveling of characterologic lines of the personality.

Symptoms Paralytic syndrome:

The crazy ideas of greatness and wealth differ in instability, absurd, grotesqueness. Patients call themselves the presidents, emperors ordering armies speak about the infinite riches which are in their hands about the huge sums of the money which is saved up by them, etc. Put on brightly, ridiculously, decorate the suit with self-made awards and distinctions. At patients the feeling of a step, behavior of their usually inadequately surrounding situation which judgment is unavailable to them is lost. They are inclined to commission of thoughtless, often ridiculous acts, ambiguous flat jokes; differ in extreme untidiness, do not watch the outward, eat with hands, take without the permission the things which are not belonging to them, find aggression in attempt to select them.
Against the background of euphoria, characteristic of a paralytic syndrome, periodically there are an irritability, malignancy, an affect incontience.
The expressed mnestichesky disturbances are shown by a dysmnesia on events of the past and the present. Speech disturbances in the form of the dysarthtia which is slowed down or, on the contrary, excessively hasty speech greased and muffled, frustration of a dream are observed. Psychopathological symptoms are accompanied by neurologic signs: an anisocoria, weakening of reaction of pupils to light at its safety on accommodation (Argayla-Robertson's symptom). Epileptiform attacks, apoplektiformny states with development in the subsequent the paresis, paralyzes, alalias tending to reversibility are frequent.

Внешний вид больной с параличем

Outward of the patient with paralysis

Reasons Paralytic syndrome:

Paralytic weak-mindedness is characteristic of a general paralysis.

Treatment Paralytic syndrome:

Patients need, first of all, leaving (observation of physiological departures, hygienic actions). For them it is desirable to set the mode at which they in process of forces would move more and lay less.
Apply the prparata improving a brain krovobrashcheniye, increasing intellectual мнестические functions.

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