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Poisoning with acetone


Acetone (dimethyl ketone) - colourless flying flammable liquid with a peculiar smell. It is applied as solvent of fats, paints, pitches. Ways of receipt to an organism - inhalation, peroral, transdermal. Special danger is constituted by peroral poisoning with high doses of acetone, and also inhalation poisoning (especially in the enclosed space). Serious transdermal poisoning practically does not meet and belong to casuistic.

Symptoms Poisoning with acetone:

Poisoning symptoms. At poisoning with vapors of acetone the weak narcotic effect - dizziness, a headache, shaky gait, the general weakness, and also symptoms of irritation of mucous membranes, conjunctivitis, rhinitis is noted, stomaezofagit, gastritis. At receipt of a high dose of acetone disturbances of consciousness up to coma develop deep noisy breath, a metabolic acidosis, shock. Often there are toxic gepato-also a nephropathy, reactive pancreatitis. At high concentration of acetone in air, especially in the enclosed space, perhaps bystry approach of a detailed outcome owing to a reflex apnoea.

Reasons Poisoning with acetone:

Toxic effect of acetone is connected with narcotic influence on TsNS, the cauterizing action on a mucous membrane of respiratory tracts and digestive organs, a metabolic acidosis. A lethal dose - more than 100 ml.

Treatment Poisoning with acetone:

Treatment depends on a way of intake of poison. It has to be directed to reduction of adsorption of toxic substance (a gastric lavage or integuments, ensuring access of fresh air, etc.). Carry surely out infusional therapy by isotonic and crystalloid solutions (for prevention and treatment of ekzotoksichesky shock). Administration of alkalizing solutions (Natrii hydrocarbonas, Trisaminum, Laktasola) allows to eliminate a metabolic acidosis. The artificial diuresis, an antibioticotherapia are recommended. At a serious poisoning acetone apply a hemodialysis and hemosorption.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment Poisoning with acetone:

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