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Poisoning with boric acid


If boric acid will get through the damaged integuments or mucous membranes inside, it can become the reason of very severe poisoning. Even newborns can get poisoned with this drug. There is it in that case when the nursing mother resorts to the help of this drug for processing of nipples. Still it is not found out up to the end what dosage becomes toxic for the child. One thing is clear, this drug is not recommended to children. Also what amount of boric acid in these cases remains in blood of the kid is not known. She is very hard brought from an organism. A conclusion of this component is carried out by means of work of kidneys. The child's kidneys not so strong to cope with such toxic as it.

Symptoms of Poisoning with boric acid:

Getting into a human body to boric acid it is peculiar to concentrate in various parts of its organism. It can be the small intestine, a large intestine, a gall bladder, saliva, the lacrimal liquid and so on and so forth. Only three days later this substance begins "to leave" an organism gradually. It can occur also during second day, but only in that case when in an organism there are enough forces for its conclusion. Boric acid, having got to an organism of the kid, first of all, influences a spleen, at the same time developing necroses and a hyperplasia. Also puffiness of a brain, liver and kidneys is noted. It is possible to carry a hematemesis, pain in a stomach to the first symptoms of poisoning with this substance, and also diarrhea.

Reasons of Poisoning with boric acid:

Poisoning occurs owing to absorption of boric acid through the unimpaired skin or mucous membranes.

Treatment of Poisoning with boric acid:

Removal of boric acid from an organism is made by zamenny hemotransfusion, a gastric lavage, purpose of laxative, carrying out peritoneal dialysis, maintenance or forcing of a diuresis. In extreme cases the extracorporal hemodialysis is used. By comparison of various ways of treatment of acute poisonings with boric acid with the most effective method there was a hemodialysis, but more available zamenny hemotransfusion in usual conditions also is rather effective action.
For normalization of arterial pressure and maintenance of work of kidneys injection of liquids, administration of hydrotartrate of holes of adrenaline and glucocorticoids (cortisone acetate) is used. Glucocorticoids, besides slow down development of irreversible injury of kidneys and it increase chances of a successful outcome. At decrease in an alkaline reserve of plasma apply injection of solutions of hydrosodium carbonate or TNAM.
Short indications of the main medical actions.
1. Gastric lavage, purpose of laxative.
2. Zamenny hemotransfusion, artificial diuresis or extracorporal hemodialysis.
3. When falling arterial pressure — plasma injection, administration of hydrotartrate of noradrenaline, glucocorticoids.
4. At acidosis — injection of solutions of hydrosodium carbonate or TNAM.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Poisoning with boric acid:

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