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Syndrome to Tittsa


Syndrome to Tittsa (a pseudoneoplasm of costal cartilages) - the benign disease which is characterized by a thickening and morbidity of the front ends II, III or IV edges.

Syndrome reasons for Tittsa:

A certain significance in an etiology of a disease is attached to microtraumas and a physical overwork (the persons doing manual work and athletes are ill more often). Development of a disease is the cornerstone similar to arthrosis degenerative changes of a cartilage: fibrous and cystous reorganization, some hypertrophy and bone metaplasia of a cartilage, sometimes calcification and its thickening.

Syndrome symptoms to Tittsa:

In a clinical picture emergence of the acute or gradually accruing pain in an upper part of a thorax, usually on the one hand is characteristic. Pain can be various intensity, amplify at sharp turns of a trunk, assignment of a hand and to irradiate in a hand or a neck. At survey in the affected costal cartilage the expressed morbidity and a dense spindle-shaped swelling of 3-4 cm in size is defined that is an important differential diagnostic character (at one disease which is followed by defeat bone хондральных joints the similar dense swelling of a costal cartilage is not found). The disease lasts from several weeks to several years, more often process comes to an end with spontaneous remission.

Синдром Титце

Syndrome to Tittsa


The diagnosis is established on the basis of a clinical picture and characteristic localization of process. Help in diagnosis is given by X-ray inspection.

Laboratory indicators are not changed. At the X-ray inspection made in dynamics it is possible to find disturbance of calcification of the affected cartilage, emergence limy and bone глыбок at the edges of a cartilage, its thickening. In late stages bone and cartilaginous pieces of an edge merge together, the deforming osteoarthrosis in a costosternal joint, sometimes with considerable bone growths develops.

Treatment of a syndrome to Tittsa:

Consists in purpose of anesthetics, thermal procedures, local novocainic blockade of intercostal nerves, perikhondralny injections of a hydrocortisone. At inefficiency of conservative therapy an operative measure (a subperiostal resection of an affected area of an edge) is shown.

The forecast is favorable, however the recurrence coming sometimes in several years is possible.

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