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Cherdzha-Stross's syndrome


Cherdzha-Stross's syndrome (allergic angiitis) is a granulematozny vasculitis with preferential defeat of average and small vessels (capillaries, venules, small arterioles) and development of intraparietal and okolososudisty eosinophilic infiltrates in combination with bronchial asthma.

Reasons of a syndrome of Cherdzha-Stross:

The reasons of a syndrome of Cherdzha-Stross are a little studied. Pathogenetic value of anti-neutrophylic cytoplasmatic antibodies is supposed.

Symptoms of a syndrome of Cherdzha-Stross:

The disease usually debuts symptoms of allergic rhinitis which can become complicated polipozy a nose, and symptoms of bronchial asthma appear already much later. The syndrome of bronchial asthma precedes vasculites, on average, for 2-3 years. As a rule, in an onset of the illness there is a moderate eosinophilia of peripheral blood (to 10-15%), however it is almost impossible to make the correct diagnosis at this stage.

Generalization of a disease, as well as her debut, often develops as a result of a medicinal allergy. In addition to asthma attacks, patients have a fever, mialgiya, joint pains. Damage of skin in the form of a hemorrhagic purpura or erythematic rashes is possible. During this period the high eosinophilia of blood — 35-85% is usually noted. At a half of patients the pulmonary parenchyma in the form of infiltrates is surprised, however early purpose of corticosteroids (concerning bronchial asthma) can "grease" a typical clinical picture: quickly the hypereosinophilia, pulmonary infiltrates disappear, displays of asthma decrease. At most of patients at generalization of a disease asthma attacks stop.

Синдром Черджа-Стросса

Cherdzha-Stross's syndrome

Treatment of a syndrome of Cherdzha-Stross:

Use corticosteroids, at their inefficiency — cytostatics.

Corticosteroids appoint 1 mg/kg a day before clinical effect (on average 6-12 weeks), then gradually reduce a dose to supporting (10-15 mg a day). Use pulse therapy Methylprednisolonum in the presence of defeats of cardiovascular system, lungs, a multiple mononeuritis is possible.

Cyclophosphamide — 1-2 mg/kg a day inside, the scheme of use in details is not developed; use in a look pulse therapy of 0,5-1,0 g/m2 monthly is possible.

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