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Metagonimosis (metagonimosis) — the helminthosis from group of trematodoz which is characterized by disorder of activity of intestines.

Metagonimosis symptoms:

On the 2nd week after infection with a metagonimosis there are fever, a headache, nausea, diarrhea, an urtikarny and papular dieback, an eosinophilic leukocytosis. Acute manifestations of a metagonimosis remain within 2 — 4 days. In late stages the metagonimosis proceeds as the chronic recurrent enteritis which is shown nausea, hypersalivation, an abdominal pain without a certain localization, persistent diarrhea. Seldom the metagonimosis proceeds subclinically.

Metagonimosis reasons:

Activator Metagonimus yokogawai trematode (Yokogawa, 1911) 1-2,5 mm long, 0,4-0,7 mm wide. The body is covered with small spinules, the belly sucker is merged about oral. Eggs have the sizes 0,023 — 0,029 x 0,014 — 0,018 mm with a lid on one and a shell thickening on other end. Adult parasites are localized in a small intestine of the person, a dog, cat. Development happens to change of two owners — fresh-water mollusks and different types of fishes (a trout, the Ussuriysk whitefish, the Amur bream, a sazan, a crucian, верхогляд, etc.).

Infection of the person occurs at consumption of crude fish and accidental swallowing her scales. The disease is widespread in China, Korea, Japan, in the basin of Amur, and also on Sakhalin.

Organism sensitization antigens of helminth also injury of a mucous membrane of a small bowel by larvae and adult individuals of a parasite play a role.

At an early stage for getting sick with a metagonimosis fever, a skin itch, an eosinophilia are characteristic. A little later the enteritis which is shown pain in an upper half of a stomach, nausea, a long diarrhea develops. Invasion duration about 1 year.

Treatment of the Metagonimosis:

The diagnosis is based on detection in excrements of eggs of helminth.

Patients are hospitalized, treatment is carried out by radio extract of a men's fern, and also Naftamonum and a prazikvantel.

The forecast is favorable.

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