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Simple (nontoxic) craw


The simple nontoxic craw is the disease which is characterized by a diffusion or nodal enlargement of the thyroid gland at the people who are not living in local on a craw to areas.

Щитовидная железа

Thyroid gland

Symptoms of the Simple (nontoxic) craw:

The simple nontoxic craw can proceed long time imperceptibly for the patient, especially at early stages. At survey and palpation increase in the sizes of a thyroid gland or irregularity of structure of gland – nodal educations can be revealed. The palpation of a thyroid gland is painless.

Further there are unpleasant feelings in a thyroid gland, feeling of a lump in a throat, difficulties when swallowing, pressure sense in a neck at inclinations and turns of the head. Sometimes at the big sizes of a thyroid gland in a dorsal decubitus, there can be a difficulty at breath. Function of a thyroid gland is usually kept.

But sometimes there are signs of an easy gipotiroz (depression of function of a thyroid gland) which amplify under unfavorable conditions (chronic diseases, the raised exercise and mental stresses, pregnancy).

The patient has a chill, sluggishness. Weight can increase. Skin at patients dry. Body temperature can be a little reduced. Heart rate is slowed down. At women the menstrual cycle can be broken. Gipotiroz can be also the cause of infertility.

Reasons of the Simple (nontoxic) craw:

The simple nontoxic or sporadic craw meets more often at women and at working with goitrogenic substances. It is mercury, benzene, thiocyanates, nitrates.

There is genetic predisposition to development of such type of a craw. It can be family and occur throughout several generations, especially at women of childbearing age. Frequency of a nontoxic craw increases with age, at disturbance of food, especially at a lack of protein of food.

One of irreplaceable amino acids – tyrosine is necessary for formation of hormones of a thyroid gland. And at a shortcoming it in food synthesis of thyroxine and triiodothyronine is slowed down. At influence of pesticides, nitrogen oxides, lead salts, mercury, hydrosulphuric connections, cyanides formation of hormones of a thyroid gland is suppressed that can also lead to development of a craw. Especially action of all adverse factors at teenage age when the organism grows amplifies and reconstructed and needs a large amount of hormones of a thyroid gland. Same occurs at pregnancy in the period of a climax. Long stressful situations and chronic diseases increase hormonal requirement of a thyroid gland.

Developing of a simple nontoxic craw at long reception of some medicines is possible. It the drugs containing in the structure lithium, the perchlorates, thiocyanates derivative of thiouracil and thiourea. A large amount of fats in a blood plasma also has adverse effect on work of a thyroid gland.

Treatment of the Simple (nontoxic) craw:

In treatment of a simple nontoxic craw the diet is of great importance. Food has to be full. It is necessary to eat enough protein. It is necessary to exclude from food stuffs goitrogenic (promoting development of a craw). It is a radish, a garden radish, haricot, a swede, a cauliflower, a peanut.

Drug treatment of a simple nontoxic craw is carried out by synthetic hormones of a thyroid gland (thyroxine, tireoty). Thyroxine on an empty stomach is appointed. The dose of medicine is selected individually under control of a condition of the patient and amount of hormones of a thyroid gland in blood. If at the patient constant weight remains, pulse and arterial pressure is normalized, the sizes of a thyroid gland decrease, in blood normal amount of hormones – the dose is considered sufficient.

Surgical treatment of a simple nontoxic craw is carried out if the thyroid gland quickly increases in volume, despite treatment if there are signs of a prelum of bodies of a neck and if in a thyroid gland find a so-called cold node. Nodal education which at a radio isotope research does not accumulate a radioiodine is called cold and results of its biopsy are doubtful, that is it is impossible to exclude cancer regeneration of cells of a thyroid gland. The forecast at this disease favorable. At timely begun treatment there occurs recovery.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Simple (nontoxic) craw:

  • Препарат Левотироксин натрия.

    Sodium left thyroxine

    Drugs for treatment of a thyroid gland. Hormones of a thyroid gland.

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