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Prostate cyst


Cyst of a prostate are small water bubbles. Come to light at 7,9% to 20% of men. Small cysts (2-5 mm) can occur at almost healthy men.

Prostate Cyst symptoms:

Often cysts are located in the field of the prostate basis, in the field of an internal opening of an urethra. The median arrangement in the prostate basis, a teardrop or spindle-shaped shape with a thin leg from a parenchyma is characteristic of inborn. Contents of such cysts anekhogenny homogeneous, wall thin, sizes from 0,3 to 4 cm. Can be multichamber.

Киста простаты на УЗИ

Prostate cyst on ultrasonography

Prostate Cyst reasons:

False - expansion of a segment of a prostate because of impassability of its output channel and disturbance of outflow of a secret, may contain also pus.

True - the closed education filled with liquid and located between prostate segments.

Inborn cysts make 8% of all cysts of a prostate.

To 90% of cysts come to light against the background of prostate diseases. More often cysts are formed against the background of chronic prostatitis, tumors. Can be located on the periphery of the DGPZh nodes, is more rare in nodes.

Treatment of the Cyst of a prostate:

At accidental detection of a cyst of a prostate when there are no complaints, an inflammation of a prostate and seed bubbles, - observation of its sizes and character of contents. At the big sizes of a cyst and disturbance of an urination the puncture and a sklerozirovaniye are possible.

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