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Vaginal дисбиоз


Dysbacteriosis of a vagina is a disturbance of normal microflora of a vagina. Most of women has this disease, but at many dysbacteriosis of a vagina it is long proceeds without the expressed symptoms. Most often its signs at women are insignificant, but sometimes дисбиоз leads vaginas to serious infectious inflammatory gynecologic diseases.

Vaginal dysbacteriosis, or дисбиоз vaginas is the most exact term designating disturbance of microflora of a vagina.

Symptoms of the Vaginal disbioz:

Very often the disease develops gradually, without bright initial symptomatology: there is a little change of vulval allocations, their smell, discomfort at a campaign in a toilet and intimate proximity.

In the absence of treatment the disease develops further, and the slight discomfort gradually turns into the expressed morbidity and an itch, and allocations become plentiful, yellowish and get an unpleasant smell.

Most of women, having found similar symptoms, do not hurry to the doctor, and self-medicate. Both camomile syringings, and tampons with propolis, and medicinal antiinflammatory candles are used. The advantage of such treatment is visible not always, and here harm is obvious. Incorrectly picked up medicine does not struggle with a disease, but can muffle manifestations. The woman calms down, and it is vain. Disbioz passes into a chronic form.

Chronic дисбиоз, in turn, opens the road to pathogenic bacteriums which, breeding, infect a uterus, a bladder and uric ways. And it is already serious diseases threatening with heavy complications.

For this reason, having found in itself signs of a disbioz, it is necessary to see a doctor for carrying out inspection.

Reasons of the Vaginal disbioz:

The reasons of dysbacteriosis of a vagina exists much. Any stressful impact on an organism of the woman can lead to disturbance of microflora of a vagina. The most frequent reasons of vaginal dysbacteriosis are:

    * The overcooling leading to decrease in the general and local immunity that affects also vaginal microflora.
    * Disturbances of a hormonal background, arising at irregular sex life, disturbances of a menstrual cycle, sexual maturing,  a climax, pregnancy, after the delivery, abortion.
    * Change of a climatic zone - an aggravation of a disbioz of a vagina during trips to other countries.
    * Any infectious and inflammatory diseases of bodies of a small pelvis.
    * Infections, sexually transmitted.
    * Treatment by antibiotics.
    * Intestines diseases, intestinal dysbiosis. Vagina microflora at the woman is very closely connected with intestinal microflora.
    * Non-compliance with rules of personal hygiene.
    * Misuse of tampons during monthly. It is necessary to change tampons strictly each 2 hours day and night, otherwise in a vagina good conditions for reproduction of pathogenic and uslovnopatogenny microflora and development of an inflammation are created.

All these factors lead to disturbance of microflora of a vagina  not always. The immune system of the woman supports normal microflora, and helps it to be recovered in case of insignificant disturbance. However these factors very much they also meet so often that in most cases vagina dysbacteriosis at the woman develops.

Treatment of the Vaginal disbioz:

For correction of the broken microbiocenosis traditionally carry out two-stage therapy. The first stage consists in sanitation of a vagina from pathogenic and opportunistic anaerobic microorganisms (causal treatment): орнидазол, metronidazole, clindamycin, тержинан, makmiror preferably locally or systemically on average from 3 to 10 days. The second stage is not less significant, it comes down to recovery of a normal biocenosis of a vagina. For this purpose within 5-7 days locally appoint various acid-forming eubiotik (biological products): лактобактерин, бифидобактерин, acylact, жлемик. However the existing probiotics of topical administration contains lakto-and bifidobacteria of an intestinal origin which are not capable to get accustomed effectively in a vagina because of low adhesive properties in relation to vulval epithelial cells. As a result this treatment can result in unstable clinical effect.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Vaginal disbioz:

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