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Vestibulit - the main reason of the expressed pain in the field of an entrance to a vagina at young, sexually active women. Vestibulitom is called an inflammation of a mucous membrane of an entrance of the vagina; it is shown by hypostasis and reddening around an outside opening of an urethra, in the field of the paraurethral courses and output channels of big glands of a threshold (bartolinovy glands). A hyperemia mucous an entrance to a vagina and the expressed pains when pressing on fabric. Now this morbid condition is more often diagnosed for young women as a disease of external genitals.

Reasons of a vestibulit:

inflammatory processes in an urethra;
coccal infection;
atrophic vulvitis;
persistent candidosis infection;
chronic vaginitis;
chronic bartholinitis, etc.

Symptoms of a vestibulit:

The disease is shown by puffiness of a mucous membrane, reddening, an inflammation of an entrance of the vagina, often during remission at patients the crateriform deepenings in mucous or dot cambers from which exudate can be emitted are observed. In the period of an inflammation mucous is covered with a purulent plaque and is very painful.

Except that vestibulit brings pain and sharply limits intimate life of patients, it provokes depressions. The woman becomes quick-tempered, irritable.

Treatment of a vestibulit:

Conservative therapy. Treatment of a vestibulit is begun with conservative treatment. The drugs removing inflammations, spasmolysants, analgetics, calmatives are appointed. At the same time the patient takes a course of physiotherapy and visits the psychologist. One of important points at drug treatment is detection of primary center and treatment of the disease which provoked vestibulit. At good dynamics, therapy continues. If conservative therapy does not bring positive takes, operation is shown.

Surgical treatment. In the course of operation the struck fabrics and vestibulita are excised. The operational wound is taken in by an atraumatic suture material, afterwards hems become absolutely imperceptible. Operation lasts about 30 - 50 minutes, takes place under local or general anesthesia, patients do not feel unpleasant feelings. After operation the woman is in a hospital days and can then leave a medical complex.
Serve as indications to operational treatment of a vestibulit:
not passing pain syndrome;
the extended vulva dizesteziya form;
angry intestines;
intersticial cystitis;
intoxication symptoms;
heavy depression, etc.

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