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Asteatosis (Sebostaz)


This disease which is characterized by the increased dryness of integuments. Skin fat is not emitted from sebaceous glands at all or emitted in insignificant quantities.

Symptoms of an asteatosis (sebostaz):

On skin of such patient easily there are cracks, dermatitis, a peeling which can take both trunk skin, and a pilar part of the head develop. The patient constantly tests a skin itch. Frequent washing of the head promotes strengthening of a xeroderma on it. Very often described pathology affects patients with a skin ichthyosis (see. "Hereditary diseases of skin"), neurodermatitis. Now the disease is considered as hereditary pathology. It is extremely expressed kind of dry seborrhea of skin.

Treatment of an asteatosis (sebostaz):

At a fat kind of seborrhea drawing on area of the centers of defeat of various ointments is strictly forbidden. Wipings of area of a pilar part of the head by spirit solutions for the purpose of removal of fats are applied generally. Inside in the form of system therapy by such patient generally use drugs of the folic acid which is vitamin substance. Therapy is carried out within not less than 2 months.

Various drawing creams on skin containing vitamin substances are widely used. Creams are prepared on the basis of needles. Many of modern creams can be applied with the preventive purposes at people with healthy skin. Inside all patient with seborrhea appoint vitamin drugs, especially with vitamins A and E. Kurs therapies on average continue within 2 months, then do a break and at preservation of symptoms of a disease repeat it.


For the patient's life the disease does not constitute any danger therefore in this relation the forecast always unambiguously favorable. But recovery cases from seborrhea are single. Carrying out continuous treatment and prevention of a disease, it is possible to achieve considerable improvement. The course of a disease very long, the periods of improvement of a state alternate with new aggravations. At women the aggravation periods often happen just before arrival monthly that is connected with hormonal changes in an organism.


The matter is very important as in a case with seborrhea the disease cannot practically be cured, but it is possible to prevent. For holding the most adequate and effective preventive actions it is necessary to have very accurate knowledge concerning the mechanism of development of all pathological changes during a disease.

At a fat kind of seborrhea output mouths of sebaceous glands of skin are corked, there is their pollution dust particles, the died cells of a corneous layer of skin, microorganisms, a skin pigment melanin, the died hair. It is the reason of emergence on skin of black points, or comedones. In own way it is a special kind of eels. Such patient recommend to visit regularly a cosmetology office for carrying out cleaning of face skin. They need to wash a face only with warm water and with soap. Use of some lotions for cleaning of skin is effective.

Also various ointments possessing degreasing, by the effect clearing and bleaching skin, and promoting narrowing of a skin time are recommended. Besides, it is recommended to exclude spicy food stuffs from a day diet, to reduce the volume of the consumed liquid, salts, fats. It is necessary to pay attention to healthy nutrition for prevention of development of frustration from a stomach and intestines. From the tempering procedures reception of air bathtubs especially is recommended, patients need to play sports, to make regular walks in the woods and in general outdoors. Effective recreational actions are various backpackings.

At a dry kind of seborrhea it is impossible to wash a face cold water at all. At residence in areas with the increased hardness of water boiling of water or addition of a borax quantity in it, soda is recommended to such patients before washing. It is better to use children's, velvety or sperm soaps which promote moistening of integuments. At very high xeroderma it is not recommended to use soap in general. On dry skin in earlier terms wrinkles are formed, it withers quicker. At a dry kind of seborrhea it is possible to grease the affected skin with an egg yolk which is mixed with 1 tablespoon of glycerin or honey, leaving a cosmetic mask on a face for some time. It is also possible to use vitamin or other masks which there is a huge set in modern cosmetology. Reception of any alcoholic beverages, greasing of skin are strictly forbidden such patients by spirit solutions. Such patients periodically need carrying out preventive courses of vitamin therapy.

At an asteatosis intensive vitamin therapy is carried out. Various emollient creams which are widely presented at the market now are applied on area of the affected skin.

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