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Bowen's disease


Bowen's disease — a precancerous dermatosis. The disease is characterized by slow emergence of the shelled eczematic rashes which are sharply delimited henna-red reaching places of the sizes of a palm. The disease was described for the first time by the American dermatologist of J.Т. Bowen (1857 — 1941) in 1912. Frequency of transformation of a disease of Bowen in invasive planocellular cancer according to different authors fluctuates within 11 — 80%.

Etiologies of Bowen:

Etiologies are unknown. The dermatosis arises preferential at aged people of 50 years and is more senior.

Symptoms of the Disease of Bowen:

The most characteristic places of defeat are face skin, extremities and perianal area.
On skin painless brown papules by size about a pea which merge further among themselves are formed and form the extensive center of defeat. Allocate ekzemopodobny, giperkeratotmchesky and warty forms of a disease. Many years later on site a dermatosis the planocellular invasive carcinoma cutaneum is formed. A characteristic sign of transition to cancer is emergence of a dense node which soon ulcerates. The exact diagnosis is established at a histologic research of the affected skin. The hypertrophy of a cover epithelium, in a rostkovy layer of epidermis comes to light (мальпигиев a layer) find atypical cells with pathological division of kernels. The corneous layer is expanded. The tumor metastasizes in lymph nodes. At Bowen's disease carry out the differential diagnosis with another both a dermatosis and a leukoplakia.

Патологический очаг при болезни Боуэна

The pathological center at Bowen's disease

Болезнь Боуэна. Локализация в перианальной области.

Bowen's disease. Localization in perianal area.

Treatment of the Disease of Bowen:

Treatment is performed by dermatologists. Apply 30 — 50% prospidinovy ointment in the form of daily applications under compresseal paper within three weeks, a cryolysis and surgical treatment.
The most effectively surgical treatment — excision of the affected skin within healthy fabrics with the subsequent radiation therapy. The forecast favorable on condition of the radical surgical treatment which is carried out before emergence of metastasises.

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