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Blennorey (офтальмобленнорея) (from other - Greek   — slime and ῥέω — I flow), the acute purulent inflammation of a mucous membrane (conjunctiva) of eyes, most often is caused gonokokky (honoblenorrhea). Arises more often at newborns who catch at the time of delivery from sick gonorrhea of mother. Can lead to a blindness.

Symptoms of Blennorei:

Distinguish two forms of a blennorea: newborns and adults.

Blennorey of newborns. Infection in most cases blennorey newborns occurs when passing a head of a fruit in patrimonial ways sick gonorrhea of mother. Blennorey it is shown on the second - third day of life of the child and both century are characterized by very severe hypostasis in the beginning. In 2-3 days plentiful release of pus begins. In hard cases the cornea can be involved in process, the ulcer which is healing a hem and leaving behind a cataract is formed (see a leucoma). In some cases the disease leads to a blindness. Sometimes newborns have a disease, similar blennory, caused by a virus. It develops, unlike a blennorea, not earlier than the 5th day of life and flows more inertly and less hard. The cornea is never involved in process.

Blennorey of adults. Infection blennorey adults occurs when entering gonokokk in an eye from urinogenital ways hands, use objects by the patient having gonorrhea. Blennorey at adults proceeds heavier, than at newborns. Only one eye is surprised usually.

Reasons of Blennorei:

Most often is caused gonokokky (honoblenorrhea).

Treatment of Blennorei:

Frequent washings of eyes weak solution of permanganate potassium, antibiotics.
Prevention. Fight against gonorrhea of urinogenital ways. The newborn right after the birth let in for eyelids of both eyes on one drop of 2% solution of nitrate silver (lyapis) or penicillin; for adults — observance of rules of personal hygiene. At unilateral process the disease of the second eye is very important to warn for what on a healthy eye dress occlusive dressing with hour glass which edges paste an adhesive plaster.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Blennorei:

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