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System mycosis


Carry the fungus diseases affecting skin, mucous membranes and internals to group of system mycoses of skin. Duration of a current and a torpidnost to the applied treatment are characteristic of them. Some of them (an actinomycosis, chromomycosis, mold mycoses, etc.) in our country meet rather seldom, others (histoplasmosis, a coccidioidosis) - is extremely rare though in a number of the countries the number of the registered patients is considerable. Now the actinomycosis and chromomycosis consider as bacterial diseases and carry to pseudo-mycoses.
One of typical representatives of system mycoses is an actinomycosis.

Symptoms of System mycosis:

Defeat of cervical and front area is most often observed, is more rare chest (at damage of lungs) and belly (with changes of a liver, spleen, kidneys, intestines) than cavities. As it was already specified, skin seldom is surprised initially. Usually skin process develops for the second time as a result of penetration of an infection from the centers in an abdominal, pleural cavity, in oral cavities and a nose (carious teeth, almonds, paranasal sine).

Distinguish three forms of an actinomycosis of skin: gummous and knotty, grumous and pustular and ulcer.

Most often the actinomycosis of skin is shown in the form of gummous educations. Hypodermic infiltrative plaques of ligneous density and tumorous knotty formations of lividny color with a warty, lobular surface develop. The centers are softened by places, forming fistulas from which the kroshkoobrazny masses, grayish-yellow, purulent with an unpleasant smell, containing fine granular particles - colonies of actinomycetes (druse) are allocated. Destructive processes can lead to destruction of the deep-lying fabrics with formation of ulcers. having the soft subdug edges and granulating, with papillomatous growths a bottom.

The ulcer form of an actinomycosis meets seldom and arises owing to disintegration of large nodes. Edges of these ulcers soft, friable subdug. At the bottom of ulcers there are vegetations, the necrotic masses and a considerable purulent discharge with inclusion of druses in the form of yellowish kernels. When healing an ulcer the uneven, mostikoobrazny hems soldered to the subject fabrics are formed.

At a grumous and pustular form of an actinomycosis hillocks which quickly nekrotizirutsya and ulcerate are formed. Merge of hillocks is resulted by formation of the infiltrative surfaces which are also characterized by the ligneous density, existence of fistulas with a significant amount purulent separated and separate ulcers on the surface of infiltrate.

Women are ill an actinomycosis twice less than men. Contageousness of a disease insignificant. There are no reliable data about infection healthy from the patient.

The differential diagnosis should be carried out with a scrofuloderma, a tubercular lupus, gummous syphilides, malignant tumors and other deep mycoses.

Diagnosis. Availability of characteristic infiltrates of ligneous density, fistulas and ulcers matters. Finding of druses of actinomycetes (the ball of thin threads surrounded lucheobrazno with the dispersing threads with club-shaped thickenings) at microscopic examination is important purulent separated and a histologic research of biopsirovanny fabrics. Use also skin and allergic and serological tests with aktinolizaty.

Reasons of System mycosis:

Now the big group of actinomycetes is regarded as a bacterium. And a disease - as pseudo-mycosis. Distinguish aerobic actinomycetes which meet in the soil more often, air, water, on cereals, and anaerobic, sairofitiruyushchy is more often on mucous membranes of animals and the person. The most frequent infestants are anaerobic actinomycetes - Actinomyces israelii and Actinomyces boves.

Actinomycetes, saprofitiruyushchy in an oral cavity, in intestines can lead a forehead of a century to a course of a disease by an auteinokulyation of these cases easing of protective immunological properties of an organism and activation of pathogenicity and virulence of the activator promote. In other cases eurysynusic actinomycetes in the nature get into a human body through a mouth, airways and a mucous membrane of intestines. The activator can be implemented also through the injured skin and mucous membranes if on a wound surface get the earth, dust, parts of plants.

However exogenous infection of skin occurs less often, and more often process on skin arises for the second time, at distribution of process from glubzhelezhashchy fabrics and bodies per continuitatem or in the way of innidiation.

Treatment of System mycosis:

All mycoses are infectious, but it does not mean that patients have to be isolated from each other. Just they need to observe precaution: to avoid handshakes if there is a fungus on hands, carefully to wash after itself a bathtub, to carry out rules of hygiene. But not to delay the main thing with treatment.

Planning antifungal therapy it is necessary to pay special attention to the following aspects:
- Influence of medicine on the activator (fungistatic or fungicidal);
- Influence of medicine on a macroorganism (it is considered both a condition of immune system, and individual sensitivity to this substance).

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