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The pylorospasm represents the spasmodic phenomena of area of a stomach which has an exit  in  a duodenum. At a pylorospasm disturbances of advance of the eaten food on a stomach and intestines, and also difficulty of an exit of contents of digestive tract are noted.
The pylorospasm is observed at newborn children in the first several weeks or months of existence out of a maternal womb.

Pylorospasm symptoms:

The main clinical manifestations of a pylorospasm include frequent vomiting after acceptance of food, and also the vomiting opening also after the child eats. The regularity and frequency of these clinical manifestations are characterized by inconstancy. Sometimes against the background of all process of a current of a state the "healthy" intervals proceeding from one to several days are noted. The discharge in the course of vomiting has an appearance or not changed breast milk, or differs in outward of curds. The number of emetic masses are much less than amount of the eaten milk during feeding.

As a rule, at a pylorospasm frequent locks are noted, bladder emptyings happen less often.

The newborn baby often shows concern and very badly recovers.

For statement of the exact diagnosis it is necessary to conduct detailed examination. Differential diagnosis of a pylorospasm assumes the procedure of an aerophagia, or swallowing a certain volume of air. As a rule, newborns often swallow air at the wrong breastfeeding. It is expressed in a fidgets, a tummy vspuchivaniye in the course of food and appetite loss. The pylorospasm can be determined by the pylorostenosis which is shown severe vomiting, a noticeable naked eye reduction of muscles of a stomach strong and резкимМалыш lies on a stomach weight loss. Besides, play an important role emergence of esophageal defects, gullet hernias. Still It should be noted the disturbances of work of system of closed glands which are shown in the form of an adrenogenital syndrome. This disturbance is characterized by defeat of adrenal bark. Because of what girls can externally be similar to males, have male features of a structure of a body, a voice, growth of hair in a face. By the way, at such disturbances sex determination of the child at birth as the clitoris becomes more similar to a penis can be often complicated.

Pylorospasm reasons:

Development of a pylorospasm is related to disorders of work of glands of system of digestion at small children, insufficient secretion of hormones which are produced in digestive tract. Besides, development of a pylorospasm is influenced by various disturbances of the central nervous system of the newborn baby.

Treatment of the Pylorospasm:

Strict observance of rules of chest feeding of the child, the adjusted mode of a bodrovstvovaniye and dream promote elimination of symptoms of a pylorospasm. Besides, after feeding it is necessary to take some time of the child on hands in vertical position, or to put on a stomach. It interferes with hit emetic separated in passes of tracheas if there is a vomiting or vomiting. After vomiting of the child it is worth feeding a little more. At symptoms of a pylorospasm it is better to reduce the volume of breast milk, but to increase number of feedings in a day. To eliminate emetic desires it is possible to give to the kid a half of a teaspoon of semolina porridge. If the hard case, the doctor  registers strong antiemetic drugs, vitamin complexes, rectal candles, Nospanum  and the probed feeding.

The forecast at a pylorospasm always favorable as to four-months age all manifestations, as a rule, take place.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Pylorospasm:

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