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Ganglionitis (new lat. ganglionitis; other - Greek  — a node + a suffix - itis) — the disease connected with defeat of one of nodes of a sympathetic trunk. The disease of several nodes is defined as a polyganglionitis, a truncitis or trunkulit. The combination of damages of sympathetic nerve ganglions and peripheral nerves a ganglioneuritis, sympathetic nerve knots and roots of a spinal cord — a radiculogangliitis is possible. It is shown by vasculomotor, secretory, pilomotor and trophic frustration in the corresponding zones, dysfunction of internals, decrease in painful sensitivity, the hyperpathia phenomena, decrease in tendon jerks, emotional frustration.

Ganglionitis reason:

Acute infections are the reason of a ganglionitis: flu, malaria, typhus, dysentery, plevyorita, pneumonia, etc. Also disbolism (diabetes, liver diseases), intoxications, new growths can be the cause (own ganglioneuromas, metastatic and prorasyotayushchy from the next fabrics).

Ganglionitis symptoms:

Distinguish cervical, upper and nizhnegrudny, lumbar and sacral ganglionites.

Acute infections, disturbances of exchange, intoxication, new growth can be the cause of a ganglionitis. In the zone innervated by this or that node frustration of a polymotor, vasculomotor, secretory and trophic innervation, causalgic pains are observed. A clinical picture of a polimorfn that is characteristic of pathology of the autonomic nervous system: paresthesias, thermalgias which can extend to all half of a body, an itch in the area relating to the struck ganglion, morbidity at a palpation of acanthas of vertebrae (especially at radiculogangliites).

Horner's symptom is characteristic of cervical ganglionites. Vegetative disturbances are localized in the head and a neck. At defeat of a star-shaped node vegetative functions are broken in a hand and an upper part of a thorax. At defeat of upper chest nodes vegetative and visceral disturbances join: tachycardia, pains in heart, breath difficulty. The lower chest and lumbar ganglionites are shown by defeat of a vegetative innervation of legs and the lower part of a trunk, vegetative disturbances from abdominal organs.

Кожная сыпь при ганглионите

Skin rash at a ganglionitis

Treatment of a ganglionitis:

Treatment depends on a process etiology. Apply repeated courses of antiinflammatory therapy, dehydration, ganglioblokator, novocainic blockade. In hard cases make a roentgenotherapy and an operative measure — a preganglionic sympathectomy.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Ganglionitis:

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