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Antrit (otoantritis)


Antrit (otoantritis) – an inflammation of walls of an antrum and the fabrics surrounding it. Occurs at children of chest age, is more often at premature at a hypotrophy, at weakened by various diseases.

Антрит (отоантрит)

Antrit (otoantritis)

Reasons of an antrit (otoantritis):

At children's age ears quite often can inflame, it is a scourge for children of chest age. But otitis can be complicated by one more not pleasant disease – antrity.

Most often children of chest age are ill it, and those who had problems even during pregnancy, or premature children. Also antrit can occur at children with weak immunity.

Symptoms of an antrit (otoantritis):

The disease can proceed with the expressed clinical picture (long toxicosis, bystry falling of body weight of the child) and latentno. Otoskopichesky data scanty: a tympanic membrane dim, identification points badly are defined. The child is sleepy or, on the contrary, is uneasy, often cries, sleeps badly and eats, grows thin, skin becomes pale gray or cyanochroic, cardiac sounds are muffled, pulse is speeded up, a chair liquid, body temperature is increased (38-39 °C), but is more often subfebrile or even normal. In blood — a leukocytosis (neutrocytosis), shift of a formula to the left.


All problem is in what antrit quite hard to diagnose as it has no the expressed clinical picture. The child looks so as if it is long is ill, falling of body weight can be observed, raise temperature. The behavior of the baby changes: it can be is excited, to want to sleep constantly. Generally, there are all symptoms of intoxication. But there is no specific symptom so antrit it is possible to pass. If to suspect this disease, then it is necessary to examine an ear.

At an antrita it is possible to notice changes of a tympanic membrane, it becomes dim, and all its identification marks as if are erased. Temperature can reach very high values, up to 39 degrees. But nevertheless it is frequent it just subfebrile. So, antrit it is quite heavy for diagnosis. Even performing blood tests can give nothing, the doctor will note a leukocytosis that is observed at any inflammation.

Finally to make the diagnosis antrit, it is necessary a tympanopuncture. It is possible to try to manage just X-ray, sometimes do a trial paracentesis. But for holding all these actions, besides, it is necessary to make the correct diagnosis at least previously.

Treatment of an antrit (otoantritis):

Treat antrit antibiotics, but they have to be sensitive to a certain microflora. For this purpose carry out the analysis on sensitivity to flora of an antrum. Penicillin has excellent therapeutic effect, but for this purpose it needs to be pricked directly in outside acoustical pass, to be exact, to its back - an upper wall. For children it is very not the pleasant procedure. If the disease is very started, then there comes toxicosis, purpose of gamma globulins is in that case shown, it is possible to pour dry plasma. If all these procedures  do not render the necessary effect, it is necessary to pass to more radical methods – antrotomies. It is done under local anesthesia. All weight of a situation (we began with it) that this disease babies have more often and to distinguish antrit difficult that leads to diagnosing it in already quite started cases.

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