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Poisoning with alkaloids


We understand strongly active ingredients which are a part of plants under the name of alkaloids. Feature of alkaloids is that they do not possess any local action. In the enormous majority of cases the stomach and guts do not suffer from contact with these substances at all.

Symptoms of Poisoning with alkaloids:

At such poisoning first of all the person experiences consciousness change. It has visions very cinematic. Besides, very long vasospasm develops. This serious phenomenon threatens the poisoned person with gangrene of extremities. Also at poisoning with alkaloids of an ergot sokratitelny ability of a uterus becomes more active that provokes abortions at pregnant women. Because various communities of an ergot can produce alkaloids, different in force and danger. Therefore also the symptomatology of poisonings can be very different. These substances also influence a condition of a nervous system.

Danger of an ergot is that the fungus can strike not only food grain, but also fodder cereals which cows eat. Mass poisonings of pasturable animals are possible. Because such poisonings can happen at any time, it is necessary to control surely carefully quality of grain which goes for production of flour.

Reasons of Poisoning with alkaloids:

Most often there are poisonings with ergot alkaloids. It is connected with that, plants which contain similar substances are widespread everywhere. Besides, very often the ergot gets to grain crops from which produce flour and bake bread. Such bread also causes poisoning. Already two thousand years ago similar mass poisonings were recorded. In those days people considered it epidemics. Today poisonings with alkaloids of an ergot are not so frequent, but they have a scientific name an ergotism.

Treatment of Poisoning with alkaloids:

As for help measures at poisoning with alkaloids, they come down mainly to destruction of poison in the gastrointestinal channel (by means of permanganate potassium) or to its transfer in an almost insoluble state (tannin) at which its receipt in blood becomes impossible. Against poisoning with some alkaloids there are antidotes, i.e. the substances operating on an organism in the direction opposite to effect of poison. Poisoning with alkaloids.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Poisoning with alkaloids:

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