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Conn's syndrome


Conn's syndrome - it a disease is characterized by the increased Aldosteronum hormone level in blood that causes increase in level of sodium in blood, increase in volume of blood, and also low level of potassium (alkalosis). This disturbance is characterized by the weakness periods, unusual feelings, such as a pricking and heat, muscular spasms. Increase in arterial pressure (hypertension), an excessive urination and thirst are also characteristic of this syndrome.

Symptoms of the Syndrome of Conn:

Emergence of such disturbances as bloody diarrhea, frequent infections, itch, skin rash, and also emergence of small purple spots on skin is characteristic of a syndrome. Pneumonia and intracranial bleeding can arise as life-threatening complications. In later period potential complications include destruction of red blood cells (hemolitic anemia), arthritis, a vasculitis, damage of kidneys and a liver. People with a syndrome have an increased risk of development of a lymphoma, especially after influence of a virus of Epstein-Burra. Disturbances can develop at people from one family.
Complaints of patients with a heavy hypopotassemia: fatigue, muscular weakness, spasms in muscles, headaches and attacks of heartbeat. At such patients can be also observed a polydipsia: as result – they drink much, and a polyuria (allocate urine much) owing to the so-called not diabetes mellitus which developed as a result of a hypopotassemia and corresponding changes from the kidneys caused by influence of Aldosteronum on them.

The relative hypocalcemia (reduction of content of calcium in blood) with development of feeling of numbness in extremities and around a mouth, muscular spasms in the field of brushes and feet and, in extreme degree, a throat spasm with emergence of feeling of suffocation and spasms develops. At the same time drugs of calcium are not appointed as the general content of calcium in blood is normal, but because of hormonal disturbance the balance of calcium in an organism changes.

It is long the existing arterial hypertension can lead to emergence of complications from cardiovascular and nervous systems with all accompanying symptoms.

Reasons of the Syndrome of Conn:

The syndrome represents a range of various disturbances which exert impact on immune system of the person which reason - a mutation of certain genes. These disturbances include Viskotta-Aldrich's syndrome of other WAS gene anomalies lead to disturbance of development of WASP of protein that leads to the low level of thrombocytes (thrombocytopenia).

Treatment of the Syndrome of Conn:

The main objective – to prevent emergence of complications owing to a hypopotassemia and arterial hypertension.

If at Conn's syndrome hypertensia is adjusted by means of a unilateral adrenalectomy, then bilateral defeat is most often treated conservatively as efficiency of a unilateral or bilateral adrenalectomy makes only 19%. In case of adenoma medicamentous therapy is also carried out for the purpose of control of blood pressure and correction of a hypopotassemia that reduces risk of the subsequent surgery.

Main components of therapy:

    * A diet with sodium consumption restriction (< 2 г натрия в день), поддержание оптимальной массы тела, регулярные аэробные физические нагрузки.
    * Treatment of a hypopotassemia and arterial hypertension consists in appointment potassium - saving drugs, such as Spironolactonum. At the same time if the hypopotassemia disappears practically at once, then on decrease in figures of the ABP 4-8 weeks of therapy can be required. Additional purpose of drugs of potassium is not required. If, despite the treatment increased by the ABP remains, add drugs of the second row to therapy.
    * Drugs of the second row are: the diuretics, means reducing arterial pressure.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Syndrome of Conn:

  • Препарат Верошпирон.


    Diuretic kaliysberegayushchy means.

    Gedeon Richter (Gideon Richter) Hungary

  • Препарат Веро-спиронолактон.


    Diuretic kaliysberegayushchy means.


  • Препарат Верошпилактон.


    Diuretic kaliysberegayushchy means.


  • Препарат Спиронолактон.


    Diuretic means.

    SC Balkan Pharmaceuticals SRL (Balkans Pharmasyyutikals) Republic of Moldova

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