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Препарат А-Дистон. ОАО "Биолик" Украина

Producer: JSC Biolik Ukraine

Code of automatic telephone exchange: C01EX

Release form: Liquid dosage forms. Drops for oral administration.

Indications to use: Heart failure. Arrhythmia. Coronary heart disease. Hypoxia. Neurocirculatory dystonia.

General characteristics. Structure:

Active ingredients: 1 ml of drops contains fruits of a hawthorn 30 mg, roots and rhizomes of a valerian of 20 mg, a grass of a motherwort of 20 mg, leaves of a peppermint of 10 mg, fruits of fennel of 10 mg, flowers of arnica of mountain 10 mg.

Excipients: alcohol - not less than 64%. 1 ml contains 20 drops.

Pharmacological properties:

The complex of biologically active agents of the drug A-Diston promotes strengthening of blood circulation in coronary vessels of heart and vessels of a brain, to decrease in excitability of a myocardium. Drug renders the antiarrhytmic, antioxidant, anti-hypoxemic and calming action.

Indications to use:

A-Diston it is shown to adults at treatment of the functional disorders of activity of cardiovascular system which are followed by arrhythmia, ischemia and a hypoxia (neurocircular dystonia, a vegetative neurosis) for the purpose of cardioprotection and also as auxiliary medicine at easy forms of disturbances of a cordial rhythm.

Route of administration and doses:

And - Diston adults inside apply 20 - 30 drops 3 times a day to food. Duration of a course of treatment is determined individually and averages 30 days.

Features of use:

It is forbidden to manage during use of drug vehicles and to work with potentially dangerous mechanisms. During treatment it is not necessary to take alcohol. There is no experience of use for children.

Side effects:

At individual hypersensitivity development of allergic reactions (reddening and rash on skin, an itch), dispepsichesky frustration, seldom drowsiness is possible. In case of any insignificant side reactions consult to the doctor.

Interaction with other medicines:

If you apply any other medicines, surely report about it to your doctor. As drug A - Diston contains alcohol of ethyl 70% perhaps potentiation of effect of somnolent drugs, tranquilizers, neuroleptics.


Alcoholism in the anamnesis, simultaneous use of the drugs containing alcohol, a peptic ulcer of a stomach and duodenum, cirrhosis, pregnancy and a lactation, the expressed arterial hypotension and bradycardia, hypersensitivity to drug components.


At substantial increase of a dose drowsiness, delay of pulse is possible. In the presence of symptoms it is necessary to stop administration of drug and to see a doctor. Therapy is symptomatic.

Storage conditions:

In the place protected from light at a temperature of 15 - 25 °C. In the course of storage existence of a deposit is allowed, before use to shake up.

Issue conditions:

Without recipe


On 30 ml, 50 ml in bottles droppers.

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