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Abscess of soft tissues


Abscess of soft tissues is the delimited form of a purulent inflammation of which formation of the cavity filled with pus is characteristic.

Symptoms of Abscess of soft tissues:

Point strengthening of pains, increase in reddening, deterioration in overall health to formation of abscess: an indisposition, a headache, fervescence to 39 °C and more, followed by a fever and plentiful sweating at fall of temperature. If abscess is located superficially, then in the center of a swelling it is possible to define the site of a softening.
Diagnosis of abscess of soft tissues. At superficially located abscesses the diagnosis is established on the basis of complaints and survey of the patient. At the abscesses located in internals or between muscles for confirmation of the diagnosis it is made ultrasonic or (at abscesses of lungs) X-ray inspection.

At a rectal or vaginal research – morbidity, sometimes it is possible to palpate the lower pole of education. In blood a high leukocytosis with shift of a formula to the left. At dynamic observation increase of a leukocytosis is noted, temperature accepts gektichesky character.

Gradually the pain syndrome accrues, infiltrate and morbidity in the right ileal area increase.

Reasons of Abscess of soft tissues:

Abscess of soft tissues results from penetration of an infection into soft tissues at injuries of skin, including at microtraumas. The abscess at the same time is located usually superficially. The activator – mostly staphylococcus in combination with colibacillus (sometimes anaerobe bacterias).

Treatment of Abscess of soft tissues:

Treatment of abscesses consists in surgical intervention at which opening and drainage of an abscess cavity is made, and at an opportunity — radical surgical обработкас imposing of primary seams with active drainage of a wound.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Abscess of soft tissues:

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