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Abscess of sweat glands


Pseuofurunculosis or as still call multiple abscesses of sweat glands - an acute purulent inflammation of sweat glands.

Symptoms of Abscess of sweat glands:

There are cyanotic-red nodes size from a pea to cherry. Dense nodes are gradually softened with formation of abscess. Pristupoobrazny emergence of elements is characteristic. An outcome - scarring. Occurs at the exhausted, premature children of chest age.

Localization: back, pilar part of the head, nape, buttocks.

Reasons of Abscess of sweat glands:

Abscess of sweat glands is, as a rule, formed owing to a bacterial infection of the removing channels of sweat glands, is frequent - owing to defeat of a stafilokokkama. Anyway it is desirable to find out rules of personal hygiene of the patient, and also to recommend to it to refuse use of usual deodorants, etc. At the expressed tendency to a recurrence it is necessary to exclude existence of a diabetes mellitus.

Treatment of Abscess of sweat glands:

Antibiotics at widespread rashes (Kefzolum), immunomodulators (gamma-globulin), eubiotik, a hematotherapy maternal blood in a complex with Ferroplexum, vitamins. For a rassasyvaniye of abscesses - UVCh.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Abscess of sweat glands:

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