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Kidney abscess


Abscess of a kidney is the infectious disease causing a limited purulent inflammation and leading to fusion of tissues of kidney.

Kidney Abscess symptoms:

The symptomatology at abscess of a kidney is similar to any septic disease:

— Temperature increase to 39 - 41 °C

The fever shaking a body

— The pulse accelerated weak filling

— General weakness, asthma, headache

— Yellowness of scleras

— Low-mobility, pains in lumbar area

Symptoms of a renal liver failure, intoxication of an organism appear at bilateral abscess of kidneys, especially, if abscess is opened in an abdominal cavity or urinary tract.

Абсцесс почки на УЗИ

Kidney abscess on ultrasonography

Kidney Abscess reasons:

The main reason for abscess of a kidney is an infection. Through a blood stream or uric ways pathogens get into a kidney and strike its fabrics. In the place of accumulation of an infection there is an inflammatory process, the group of pustules which in an effect merge in a whole is formed. Kidney abscess often arises as a result of an urolithiasis and complications after a surgical removing calculus from kidneys. At metastatic abscess of a kidney: the infection is brought from other centers of an inflammation: lungs at destructive pneumonia and hearts at a septic endocarditis.

Treatment of Abscess of a kidney:

Treatment of abscess of a kidney demands an operative measure: the kidney, and then abscess is opened, processing of his cavity is carried out by antiseptic solutions. By means of tampons and drainage tubes the drainage directed to removal of pus from an organism is carried out. Collected pus is sent to the analysis, carry out an inspection on sensitivity of bacteria to antibiotics. Then appoint the most effective drugs capable to destroy an infection source.

As a rule, in passing delete the main reason for infectious defeat: carry out treatment of uric ways and delete stones from an ureter if the condition of the patient it allows. Otherwise, the removing calculus is postponed for 1,5 – 2 months before improvement of health of the patient.

Conservative treatment at abscess of kidneys in 75% of cases leads to the death of the patient. At an operative measure the forecast most often positive.

Timely treatment of infections of uric ways prevent such heavy illness as kidney abscess.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Abscess of a kidney:

  • Препарат Цефтазидим-акос.


    Generation cephalosporin III.

    JSC Sintez Russia

  • Препарат Бестум.


    Antibiotic of group of cephalosporins.

    Wockhardt Ltd (Vokhard Ltd) India

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