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Cerebellum abscess


Abscess of a cerebellum is a purulent inflammation of tissues of cerebellum which has limited character and in development leads to formation of the purulent capsule.

Cerebellum abscess reasons:

Only sinusogenny abscesses of a cerebellum occur at children and that is quite rare.

Cerebellum abscess symptoms:

The general and all-brain symptoms same, as well as at brain abscess though there are also some differences.

So, most often the headache is localized in occipital or frontal area, usually pain develops in the second half of day or at night. Almost always the headache is followed by vomiting, in certain cases unrestrained. Dizziness is not system, does not depend on position of the head.

Frequent symptoms - a stiff neck and forced position of the head.

Focal symptoms are quite expressed and connected with a lack of coordination. However at children it is not always possible to carry out the corresponding tests.

There are also symptoms of abscess of a hemisphere of a cerebellum; emergence of a vertical nystagmus, disturbance of flank gait, and also emergence of an adiadokhokinez, i.e. lag of pronation of a hand from its supination on the sick party.


Diagnosis and differential diagnosis are very difficult, it is necessary to pay attention that abscess of a cerebellum forms more often against the background of a sinus thrombosis, i.e. some symptoms of otogenic sepsis.

Emergence in such child of vestibular symptoms has to guard the doctor concerning possible involvement in process of a hemisphere of a cerebellum.

It is difficult to differentiate abscess of a cerebellum with peripheral damage of a vestibular mechanism - a labyrinthitis as its symptoms are very similar to signs of disturbances of the central origin at which there is no adiadokhokinez, gait disturbances, and a nystagmus horizontal.

Treatment of abscess of a cerebellum:

Treatment tactics same, as well as at other intracranial complications, - urgent surgical intervention in combination with antibacterial and disintoxication therapy.

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