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Гриппостад® Rino (spray for a nose)

Препарат Гриппостад® Рино (спрей для носа). Stada Arzneimittel ("ШТАДА Арцнаймиттель") Германия

Producer: Stada Arzneimittel ("STADA Artsnaymittel") Germany

Code of automatic telephone exchange: R01AA07

Release form: Liquid dosage forms. Spray.

Indications to use: Acute rhinitis (cold). Vasculomotor rhinitis.

General characteristics. Structure:

Active ingredient: xylomethazolinum a hydrochloride — 1.0 mg a chloride benzalkoniya solution of 50% — 0.4 mg Other ingredients: citric acid one-water — 0.5 mg of sodium citrate 2H2O — 2.6 of mg glycerin of 85% — 24.0 mg the purified water — 975.5 mg

Pharmacological properties:

Гриппостад® Rino in the form of drops is applied as an antiedematous at acute, infectious, allergic (vasculomotor) rhinitis. Xylomethazolinum – derivative imidazoline is alfa2-adreno-mimeticheskim means. Its vasoconstrictive action causes removal of developments of stagnation in a mucous membrane of a nose. The beginning of action is usually observed in 5 – 10 minutes: nasal breath due to reduction of developments of stagnation mucous and improvements of a drainage of a secret is facilitated.

Indications to use:

Гриппостад® Rino is shown at acute rhinitis of any etiology, including infectious, allergic (vasculomotor) rhinitises. At the same time, it is not recommended to use Rino's Grippostad® at chronic rhinitises as there is a risk of development of an atrophy mucous a nose (see treatment Duration). Гриппостад® and spray are intended to Rino (drops for adults) for adults and children of school age.

Route of administration and doses:

If it is not offered differently, to adults and children of school age 1 full pressing in each nasal course to three ra a day if necessary becomes.

Features of use:

Sympathomimetic antiedematouses can cause a reactive hyperemia mucous a nose, especially after long use and overdose. These developments of stagnation can be followed by narrowing of respiratory tracts and simulate the cold phenomena that leads to repeated or even chronic use by sick Grippostad® of Rino. It, in turn, can lead to chronic hypostasis mucous a nose (medicinal rhinitis), causing an atrophy mucous a nose.

Side effects:

Respiratory system. Гриппостад® Rino can, especially at sensitive patients, to cause temporary, weak burning or dryness mucous a nose. There are messages on passing hypostasis (reactive hyperemia) mucous a nose after cancellation of xylomethazolinum. Long, frequent and/or use of xylomethazolinum in high doses can cause burning and dryness mucous a nose, and also reactive hypostasis with medicamentous rhinitis. This effect can be observed only after 5 – 7-day therapy with continuous use of drug.

Nervous system. Exceptional cases of a headache, sleeplessness or fatigue are observed.

Cardiovascular system. Topical intranasal administration can bring in exclusively exceptional cases to emergence of system sympathomimetic effects, such as heartbeat, the speeded-up pulse or increase in arterial pressure. Effects on ability to operate the vehicles and the car Long, frequent and/or use in high doses of the drugs containing xylomethazolinum does not exert, as a rule, impact on a nervous system. If it is observed, then ability to drive the car or mechanisms can be broken.

Interaction with other medicines:

Sharing of drug with the MAO tricyclic inhibitors can lead, owing to cardiovascular effects of these drugs, to increase in arterial pressure.


Гриппостад® Rino should not be used at patients with: hypersensitivity to any Grippostad® ingredient of Rino; atrophic rhinitis. Гриппостад® and spray should not be applied by Rino (drops) to adults at children aged up to 6 years. Гриппостад® Rino the benzalkoniya contains chloride and therefore it should not be applied at patients with the known hypersensitivity to this preservative. Гриппостад® Rino has to be applied only after careful assessment of all for and against possible risk at: the patients receiving inhibitors of a monoaminooxidase (MAO) or others, the drugs which are potentially increasing blood pressure; patients with glaucoma, a narrow angle glaucoma; patients with various cardiovascular diseases (for example, coronary heart disease, arterial hypertension); patients with a pheochromocytoma; patients with metabolic diseases (for example, a hyper thyroidism, a diabetes mellitus).


At the correct use of drug the overdose of drug is impossible since drug at topical administration is practically not soaked up. However at exceeding of the recommended doses strengthening of side effects several times is observed. Treatment: symptomatic.

Storage conditions:

At a temperature not over 25 to °s.khranit in the place, unavailable to children.

Issue conditions:

Without recipe


Polyethylene bottle from 10 ml of solution.

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