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Acute gastrectasia


The acute gastrectasia as an independent disease meets seldom, proceeds very hard, often leads to death.

Reasons of an acute gastrectasia:

The reasons are various; more often the overflow of a stomach caused by disturbance of advance of contents owing to narrowing of the gatekeeper matters. The essence of a disease consists in paralysis of the neuromuscular device of a wall of a stomach owing to what there is a progressing stomach stretching due to accumulation of liquid contents and gases. The stomach can occupy a considerable part of an abdominal cavity, contain a large amount of liquid (to 5 l) and owing to restretching of walls even to become torn.

Symptoms of an acute gastrectasia:

Symptoms: serious general condition, frequent pulse of weak filling, significant increase and abdominal distention, nausea, repeated vomiting. Via the entered probe a large number of contents then the stomach falls down is allocated. It temporarily gives relief to the patient.
The acute gastrectasia as a complication accompanies peritonitis, acute intestinal impassability, injuries of a stomach and various operative measures on abdominal organs. Usually develops on 2 — the 5th day after operation. At timely and rational treatment proceeds favorably.

Treatment of an acute gastrectasia:

Treatment — single-step gastric emptying by the thick probe, long suction of contents (3 — 7 days) through the stylet entered through a nose into a stomach, parenteral administration of liquid, chlorides, glucose.

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