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Chronic duodenitis


Chronic duodenitis — a chronic inflammatory disease of a duodenum which meets rather often.

Reasons of a chronic duodenitis:

The reasons  of its  development  in many respects    same, as  at  chronic gastritis, namely: the irritating influence on a mucous membrane of a gut of rough and spicy food, alcohol, some  drugs  and chemical  agents,  and also  disturbances of neurohumoral regulation.

Symptoms of a chronic duodenitis:

Symptoms of a chronic duodenitis in most cases remind symptoms of a peptic ulcer  of a duodenum.          Pains  in  an anticardium, (aching  or skhvatkoobrazny), more often arising "on a hungry stomach" first of all concern to them. There are  heartburn, an eructation  acid, nausea. The bent to locks as secretory function of a stomach is usually increased is noted. The general disturbances  consist  in  weakness, increased  fatigue, in  decrease in working capacity. As any chronic disease a chronic duodenitis has phases of an aggravation and remission which define clinical symptomatology.



Treatment of a chronic duodenitis:

Treatment is carried out against the background of a diet (table No. 5). Antacids,  pro-kinetic drugs (cerucal, мотилиум), the selection blockers M-holinoretseptorov, cholagogue (Allocholum, оксафеналид, mobile phones), enzymes are appointed.

At a duodenal papillitis carry out treatment by antibiotics (ampicillin), antacids,-nolom.

Surgery can be performed at a duodenal divertuculosis, the stenosing duodenal papillitis, an organic duodenostaz, the complicated bleeding, perforation.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Chronic duodenitis:

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