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Erosive and ulcer defect on a mucous membrane of a mouth.

Afta's symptoms:

There are afta because of consecutive changes in a mucous membrane: at first there is a spot, then the bubble with a hyperemic rim grows from it, the afta - erosive and ulcer roundish painful defect to 5 mm in the diameter as a result is formed, it is frequent with a yellow plaque in an environment of the inflamed rim with histologically explicit defect of an epithelium, fabric dying off.

Each afta exists from 5 to 10 days. Disappearing afta, do not form hems.
Afta Bednar (at newborns) are shown on the 12th week of life of the baby in sledtsvtvy mechanical disturbance of a mucous membrane at inaccurate wiping of an oral cavity of the child or because of an injury by a pacifier. Defeats of an aftama at the same time it is observed on a hard palate, in in that place where its part passes into a soft palate.

Afta's reasons:

Afta can develop as an independent disease (mainly at children) or as complications of other acute diseases: gastrointestinal, and also foot-and-mouth disease, flu and others.

Afta's treatment:

1. General treatment of a basic disease.

2. Locally - applications of 5% of anaesthesin on peach oil, Solkoseril dental adhesive paste, rinsings by infusions of herbs (a camomile pharmaceutical, etc.), solution of interferon, greasing karotoliny, oil of a dogrose, a sea-buckthorn,  vitamin A Solutio oleosa, solution of a kuriozin.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for Afta's treatment:

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