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Siderosis – the disease of the person from group of a pneumoconiosis caused by sedimentation in easy for the dust containing iron.

Siderosis reasons:

Most often occurs at the miners extracting hematite (red iron ore, a natural oxide of iron) at working foundry workshops, polishers of metal products, working gvozdilny productions, engravers, electric welders.

Siderosis symptoms:

Distinguish a red and black siderosis. The red siderosis is caused by the dust containing iron oxides. Lungs at the same time are increased in volume, yellowish-brown-red color. The black siderosis arises from dust with protoxide of iron or carbonic and phosphate its connections. Lungs become black and remind lungs at an anthracosis.

Сидероз (гистологический препарат)

Siderosis (tissue specimen)


At microscopic examination find the slight interstitial sclerosis, submiliary and miliary small knots consisting of accumulations of the dust cells filled with particles of iron dust (reaction to iron positive). Between dust cells find not numerous collagenic fibers. Find a lot of dust and a considerable diffusion sclerosis in lymph nodes.

Treatment of a siderosis:

Treatment of a siderosis presents difficulties. Need for hemotransfusions decreases after a splenectomy. Well balanced diet with the low content of iron cannot almost be picked up. Effectively hypodermic introduction to a front abdominal wall of 2 — 4 g of Deferoxaminum during 12 h by means of the portable spray pump. However this treatment because of high cost is available only to the few children with hemoglobinopathies. The possibility of treatment of a peroralnykma is studied by helator of iron in an experiment.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Siderosis:

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