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The stomacace is a serious illness of an oral cavity. The stomacace can  arise as an independent disease, and to be a complication of stomatitis of catarral character.

Stomacace symptoms:

At development of a stomacace there is a defeat of all layers of a mucous membrane of an oral cavity on which ulcerations are formed further.
Specific feature of development of a stomacace is formation of ulcers from the died-off fabric which sometimes can extend deeply.
Areas of the died-off fabric can connect with each other therefore extensive ulcers form. Process of dying off of fabrics at neglect of a disease can sometimes pass to jaw bones, leading to developing of osteomyelitis. For this reason the stomacace demands active competent treatment at the first symptoms of its emergence. At what treatment of a stomacace has to have the combined character by all means.

Stomacace reasons:

At the moment an established  fact is that the stomacace, as a rule, develops at the people having stomach ulcer and a duodenum or enteritis. Acute periods of a basic disease also proceed accompanied by a stomacace.
Nevertheless, the stomacace quite often develops from the started stomatitis of catarral character. Besides, the stomacace can arise in rare situations on the basis of aphthous damage of a mucous oral cavity at pathologies of blood vessels and hearts.
The stomacace in rare instances can be noted at diseases of infectious character or at intoxication by heavy metals.

Treatment of the Stomacace:

Local therapy of a stomacace assumes use of antiseptic agents and the disinfecting drugs. In the presence of pains prescribe patients the drugs which are taking off painful effects. Apply peroxide of hydrogen or weak-pink solution of potassium permanganate to disinfection of an oral cavity.
The sequence and combination of solutions for irrigation of an oral cavity can be different. However peroxide and potassium permanganate join in treatment of a stomacace always as a part of oxygen treatment.
Many physicians at treatment of a stomacace give preference to natural vegetable means. In particular the lasting positive effect is reached when applying to the struck mucous oral cavity  wrapped by a gauze and previously izmelchennykhyazvenny stomatitis at the child of onions and garlic.
For the purpose of removal of pain at development of a stomacace use various medical  ointments and powders which contain the anesthetic providing utikhany pains. It is worth noticing that treatment of a stomacace for each patient strictly individually, so, for example, sometimes for treatment happens enough trays for an oral cavity to novocainic solution.
The general treatment as part of a combination therapy at a stomacace, has to include methods of treatment of the main pathology. Besides, it is necessary to undertake measures for  increase in the general protective forces of immunity.
At emergence of a stomacace the general treatment can consist in use of sulfanamide medicines, antibiotic means, Calcium chloratum and drugs of antihistaminic character. Immunity becomes stronger  by means of reception of vitamin and mineral complexes.
Except use of natural and medicamentous drugs at treatment of a stomacace it is necessary to keep to the correct diet including high-calorific food stuffs.
If treatment of a stomacace is carried out timely and correctly, then in eight days of an ulcer on a mucous oral cavity practically heal.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Stomacace:

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