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The hepatosis is a group of diseases of a liver which cornerstone disbolism in hepatic cells (hepatocytes) and development in cells of a liver of dystrophic changes is. At the same time the inflammatory phenomena are absent or are poorly expressed.

Hepatosis symptoms:

The clinic of a disease as a rule at the initial stages is minimum, then there is a gradual increase of the phenomena of a liver failure.

Hepatosis reasons:

Most often under the term "hepatosis" the fatty hepatosis disappears as pigmental hepatoses meet much less often. On the development mechanism hepatoses arise owing to excess intake of fats in a liver, a liver overload food fats and carbohydrates or owing to disturbance of removal of fats from a liver. Disturbance of removal of fat from a liver happens at decrease in amount of the substances participating in processing of fats (squirrels, lipotropic factors). Education from fats of phospholipids, beta lipoproteins, lecithin is broken. And excess free fats are laid in hepatic cells. The fatty hepatosis or a steatosis of a liver or fatty infiltration of a liver, fatty dystrophy of a liver are the diseases of a liver which are followed by obesity of hepatic cells. The reasons of obesity of cells of a liver – most often excess intake of fats in food or their excess accumulation in blood, owing to various disbolism, a metabolic syndrome, endocrine diseases, influence of substances, including alcohol, toxic for a liver.

Treatment of the Hepatosis:

The diet with the increased content of proteins (not less than half a year), restriction of fats, especially refractory animal origin is appointed. The drugs improving exchange of fats – B12 vitamin, folic acid, lipoic acid, sincaline-chloride, liver drugs – прогепар, рипазон, Sireparum, Essentiale are appointed. Sufficient physical activity is recommended.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Hepatosis:

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