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Propolis tincture of 25 ml Indus. unitary enterprise.

Препарат Прополиса настойка 25 мл инд. уп.. ЗАО "Московская фармацевтическая фабрика" Россия

Producer: CJSC Moscow Pharmaceutical Factory Russia

Code of automatic telephone exchange: D03AX12

Release form: Liquid dosage forms. Tincture.

Indications to use: Otitis. Pharyngitis. Tonsillitis. Antritis. Periodontal disease. Periodontosis.

General characteristics. Structure:

Active ingredient: Propolis - Propolisi 
Excipient: Alcohol - Spiritus aethylicus

Pharmacological properties:

Has antiinflammatory, wound healing effect.

Indications to use:

Tincture of propolis is applied as wound healing and anti-inflammatory drug at microtraumas and superficial damages of integuments and mucous membranes, otitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, antritis, and diseases of a parodont, etc.

Route of administration and doses:

At superficial damages of integuments (microtraumas) apply the tampon moistened in propolis tincture 1-3 times a day on a wound.
At chronic purulent otitises after careful cleaning of pus enter the tampon impregnated with propolis tincture for 1-2 minutes into an ear 2-3 times a day.
At chronic pharyngitis and tonsillitis 1-2 times a day within 8-15 days grease almonds.
Besides, at an adenoid disease tincture of propolis is applied in the form of inhalations by aqueous solution in the ratio 1:20. A course of treatment 1-2 inhalations a day within 7-10 days.
At chronic antritis. 2 times a day within 14 days carry out washing of cavities (tincture of propolis is mixed with isotonic solution of sodium of chloride in the ratio 1:10)
At diseases of a parodont tincture of propolis is entered on turundas into parodontalny pockets for 5 minutes after a deep curettage.
In the presence of wound surfaces on a mucous membrane of an oral cavity propolis tincture (15 ml on? a glass of warm water) apply in the form of rinsings of 4-5 times a day within 3-4 days.

Side effects:

Allergic reactions at which emergence use of drug has to be stopped are possible.


Use of drug is contraindicated at acute eczema, individual intolerance, existence of allergic reactions, including, to beekeeping products.

Storage conditions:

Period of validity: 3 years. Not to use after the term specified on packaging.

Issue conditions:

According to the recipe


In флаконах.по 25 ml.

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