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Препарат Деринат. ЗАО "ФП "Техномедсервис", Россия

General characteristics. Structure:

Active agent: sodium дезоксирибонуклеат 1,5 g.
Excipients: sodium chloride of 0,9 g, water for injections - 100 ml.

Pharmacological properties:

Drug activates processes of cellular and humoral immunity. The immunomodulatory effect is caused by stimulation of V-lymphocytes, activation T-helperov. Derinat activates nonspecific resistance of an organism, optimizing inflammatory reactions, and an immune response to bacterial, viral and fungal antigens. Stimulates reparative and regenerator processes. Increases resistance of an organism to infections, regulates a hemogenesis (contributes to normalization of number of leukocytes, lymphocytes, granulocytes, phagocytes, thrombocytes). Possessing the expressed limfotropnost, Derinat stimulates drainage детоксикационную function of lymphatic system. Derinat significantly reduces sensitivity of cells to the damaging effect of chemotherapeutic drugs and radiation therapy. Drug does not possess embriotoksichesky, teratogenic and cancerogenic actions.

Pharmacokinetics. Absorption and distribution.
Drug is quickly soaked up and distributed in bodies and fabrics with participation of an endolymphatic way of transport. Possesses a high tropnost to bodies of the hemopoietic system, takes active part in cellular metabolism, being built in cellular structures. In a phase of intensive intake of drug in blood there is a redistribution between plasma and uniform elements of blood, to metabolism and removal. After a one-time injection the bystry phase of increase and a bystry phase of decrease in concentration in the range of time are characteristic 5-24 hours of all pharmacokinetic curves describing change of concentration of drug in the studied bodies and fabrics. The elimination half-life (T of U1/2) at intramuscular introduction makes 72,3 hours. Derinat is quickly distributed on an organism, in the course of daily course use kumulirutsya in bodies and fabrics: as much as possible: - in marrow, lymph nodes, a spleen, a thymus gland; to a lesser extent - in a liver, a brain, a stomach, a small and large intestine. The maximum concentration in marrow is defined in 5 hours, after administration of drug. Drug breaks a blood-brain barrier. The maximum concentration of drug in a brain is reached in 30 minutes.

Metabolism and removal. Derinat is metabolized in an organism. It is excreted from an organism (in the form of metabolites) partially with a stake, and, more, with urine on bieksponentsialny dependence.

Indications to use:

 - radiation defeats;
- disturbance of a hemogenesis;
- the miyelodepressiya and resistance to cytostatics at oncological patients which developed against the background of cytostatic and/or radiation therapy (stabilization of a hemogenesis, decrease kardio-and miyelotoksichnost of himiopreparat);
- the stomatitises induced by cytostatic therapy;
- the peptic ulcer of a stomach and a 12-tiperstny gut, erosive gastroduodenit;
- coronary heart disease;
- obliterating diseases of vessels of the lower extremities, chronic ischemic disease of the lower extremities of the II-III stage;
- trophic ulcers, it is long not healing wounds;
- dontogenous sepsis, it is purulent - septic complications;
- pseudorheumatism;
- burn disease;
- the preoperative and postoperative periods (in surgical practice);
- the endometritis, salpinogooforit, endometriosis, myomas;
- clamidiosis, ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis;
- prostatitis, benign hyperplasia of a prostate;
- chronic obstructive diseases of lungs;
- pulmonary tuberculosis, inflammatory respiratory diseases.

Route of administration and doses:

Adult: intramusculary within 1-2 minutes on 5 ml of 1,5% (75 mg) of solution, with an interval of 24-72 hours.
At coronary heart disease - 10 injections with an interval of 48-72 hours.
At a peptic ulcer of a stomach and 12 perstny guts — 5 injections with an interval of 48 hours.
At oncological diseases - 3-10 injections with an interval of 24-72 hours.
In gynecology (the endometritis, clamidiosis, ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis, salpinogooforit, myomas, endometriosis) - 10 injections with an interval of 24-48 hours.
In andrology (prostatitis, a benign hyperplasia of a prostate) - 10 injections with an interval of 24-48 hours.
At a pulmonary tuberculosis - 10-15 injections with an interval of 24-48 hours.
At acute inflammatory diseases - 3-5 injections with an interval of 24-72 hours.
At chronic inflammatory diseases - 5 injections with an interval of 24 hours, further - 5 injections, with an interval of 72 hours.
When using 1,5% of solution on 2 ml to carry out intramuscular injections daily, doing recalculation, before achievement of a course dose of 375-750 mg.

To children drug is appointed intramusculary according to the same scheme, as well as adults. To children aged up to 2 years drug appoint 7,5 mg (0,5 ml) in a single dose. At children aged from the 2nd up to 10 years the single dose is defined at the rate of 0,5 ml of drug for a year of life. From 10-year age a single dose - 5 ml of 1,5% of solution, a course dose - to 5 injections (15 mg/ml) of drug.

Features of use:

The drug can be administered subcutaneously.

Side effects:

At patients with a diabetes mellitus gipoglikemiziruyushchy action which should be considered is noted, controlling sugar level in blood.

Interaction with other medicines:

Derinat's use in complex therapy allows to increase efficiency and to reduce treatment duration, at considerable reduction of doses of antibiotics and antiviral means with increase in the periods of remission.
Derinat increases efficiency of antineoplastic antibiotics of an anthracycline row, tsitostatik.
Drug exponentiates therapeutic effect of basic therapy at a peptic ulcer of a stomach and a 12-perstny gut. Derinat reduces a yatrogennost of basic drugs at treatment of a pseudorheumatism with achievement of 50% and 70% of improvement on a number of complex indicators of activity of a disease.
At surgical sepsis Derinat's introduction to structure of complex therapy causes decrease in level of intoxication, immunity activation, hemopoiesis normalization, improves work of the bodies responsible for processes of a detoxication of internal environment of an organism (lymph nodes, a spleen, etc.).


Individual intolerance.

Use during pregnancy and a lactation.
Consultation of the doctor is necessary. In need of purpose of drug during pregnancy it is necessary to estimate the expected advantage for mother and potential risk for a fruit. In the period of a lactation to apply strictly on doctor's orders.


The negative phenomena from overdose are not revealed.

Storage conditions:

To store in the place unavailable to children protected from light, at a temperature + 4 °C to + 20 °C.

Issue conditions:

According to the recipe


Solution for intramuscular introduction of 15 mg/ml. On 5 ml in bottles from import glass with injection infusional traffic jams in pallets blisters in a cardboard pack No. 5 or 2 of ml in bottles from import glass with injection infusional traffic jams in pallets blisters in a cardboard pack No. 10.

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Препарат Деринат. ЗАО "ФП "Техномедсервис", Россия



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