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Poisoning with shchavlevy acid


Lethal dose inside = 20 g.
Serious poisoning is noted at inhalation and a proglatyvaniye of dust.

Symptoms of Poisoning with oxalic acid:

At poisoning with oxalic acid — a burn mucous a mouth in the form of a white-grayish plaque, krovyaniyosty vomiting, abdominal pains, an ischuria, bradycardia, a breath zayotrudneniye, fall of temperature, expansion of pupils, spasms, falling of cordial activity and razviyoty  a collapse.
Death can come in the first tens of minutes from TsNS paralysis. In tubules of kidneys, in a liver and urine crystals of calcium oxalate and not crystal complexes with calcium appear.

Reasons of Poisoning with oxalic acid:

Oxalic acid — solid substance. It is applied in the chemical, woodworking, tannic industry, etc.

Treatment of Poisoning with oxalic acid:

Inside alkaline solutions (a limy voyoda, swept), laxative, diuretic; means against a kollapyos — camphor (2 ml of 20% of solution subcutaneously), caffeine (1 ml of 10% of solution subcutaneously), Corazolum (1 ml of 10% of solution vnutyorimyshechno).

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Poisoning with oxalic acid:

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